new killer shoes

new killer shoes


nks are a brand new band from redditch that will blow your face off with there high energy live shows and music that you can relate and laugh too.Belive me you do want to miss nks.


new killer shoes formed early in 2009 when two brothers ryan and jon kings decided to start a band after writing and recording songs in there bedrooms.They hooked up with one of there friends drummer ricky-lee cooper after hearing that he had split from his old metal band..We recruited another friend adam yates on guitar and became new killer shoes.
Influences varey for each member witch i suppose is where all the energy comes from. ryan, big into oasis,nirvana,qotsa,radiohead but also loves old motown and reggae. Jons into ratm,arctic monkeys,young knifes but also love hip hop and bass line music. Adam is into the beatles,oasis ,blur ect and ricky is big into metal music.

Set List

30/45 min set at the moment of all original songs.
typical set list is
snake charmer
leave me alone
lets go disco
the one you knew
capture the moment
time is now
big joke