New Killer Shoes

New Killer Shoes

 Rugby, England, GBR

“New Killer Shoes, fucking awesome band.” Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam.

UK guitar based indie rock n roll band with an edge. Awesome live band. Exploring new genres, re-visiting old styles (from reggae, ska & punk) & putting out some amazing new sounds.



New Killer Shoes released their debut album, “I ain’t even lyin”, in April 2013.

“New Killer Shoes’ debut album out April 22nd is shaping up to be one hell of an album that has 15 tracks, 4 of them I’ve heard so far & I can’t get enough already. The album’s called I Ain’t Even Lyin’ & I ain’t even lying you’re going to bloody well love it. Now that’s not a cheap tacky joke, when it’s the truth. You got to love it when you get a new band like this that just blow you away”. Intamission Music Feb 2013

“The album is a high energy ride from start to finish and just shows that English rock is still on the rise and is getting bigger and better as the years pass. Five Stars!” Genius Reviews April 2013

Their music blends Rock & Roll with Ska, Punk, Reggae and Metal.

“Describing New Killer Shoes musical style to the uninitiated is a tricky proposition – their pop sensitivities are impossible to ignore (it’s what makes their work so instantly listenable in the first place), but they have purloined elements from a number of other styles to create their own identifiable arena. I don’t think any other indie rock band has so successfully integrated subtle ska influences into their arsenal before, without it dominating the sound – just listen to the dancing bass and drums on the verse of ‘Leave Me Alone’. It’s testament to their skill as musicians that they can blend such diverse elements so seamlessly.” Paul Broome, Midland Rocks April 2013

So far in 2013 they have toured with Seattle Band, Brad (featuring Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam), & have just completed touring with Adam Ant. (Adam personally chose New Killer Shoes from a pool of over 500 bands who applied to tour with him).

“New Killer Shoes, fucking awesome band.” Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam.

Live reviews are glowing. The band put on a hugely exciting show wherever they play.

“This punky rock band has created their own footprints to step into. Their support to Brad whose legendary line-up includes Shawn Smith and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard was energetic, personal and committed. These guys played hard and partied hard on stage. You may have seen their boisterous interview – imagine that on stage and you’re getting near the mark. Their music comes at you full throttle, their lyrics are on you and their sound gets under your skin.” (St Pauls’ Lifestyle April 2013)

“There's a real buzz of anticipation in the Academy 3 as they take to the stage, and once again they give us a master-class in stagecraft and balls-to-the-wall rocking out. Some of their songs are starting to get that sheen to them that mark them out as future classics - forthcoming single 'Leave Me Alone', and 'Throwin' Shapes' being prime examples. Great bands are not that's what marks New Killer Shoes out from a lot of their peers” Midlands Rocks 2012

Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 1 reviews Love Rocket from I AIN'T EVEN PLUGGED IN July13:

"Scifi bleeps, tortured electric guitar moans, and a needy croaky vocal dripping with pent-up desire. An irresistible rolling, midetmpo groove propelled by spangly acoustic guitar lines and a motoring bass. Oh and an arrangement that grows, swerves, develops and keeps the sonic surprises coming – while conforming to the old punk rock adage: three chords good, two chords better, one chord best of all. This is a swaggering beast of a track that worms its way between your ears and refuses to come back out again" Tom Robinson BBC Radio1

New Killer Shoes are authentic and original. They’re great live - always energetic and entertaining. They’re confident and positive. Their lyrics are meaningful and expressive. They’re natural songwriters and consistently deliver great new material. They work hard and love what they do.


Debut Album, I AIN'T EVEN LYIN' released by Gospel Oak Records April 2013.

Second Studio Album, I AIN'T EVEN PLUGGED IN released by Gospel Oak Records 19th August 2013

New Killer Shoes are very proud to introduce their second studio album, I Ain’t Even Plugged In. The 11 track album provides an acoustic twist on 9 tracks from their highly acclaimed debut album, released in April 2013, I Ain’t Even Lyin’. I Ain’t Even Plugged In also features 2 brand new tracks, Hypocrite & I Ain’t Got A Chic. Produced at Gospel Oak Studio Warwickshire by Barry Bayliss, this brand new album is already receiving 5 star reviews across a wide spectrum of media.

Tracks from I AIN'T EVEN PLUGGED IN now streaming on various BBC sites across the UK as well as local & internet radios.

Next single - "Hypocrite" - release date 6th August 2013

Set List

Pretty Reckless
I Ain't Got A Chic
Losing My Mind
Let's Make a Bastard (new)
Make Your Move
Love Rocket