New Killer Stars

New Killer Stars


Hey! New Killer Stars: not good looking, a wild beast spitting fire and most of all, they don't feel like making beautiful emotional lyrics


Before we mention all the extra info about New Killer Stars - All you really need to know is that they rock and if you like your rock with all the ingredients such as melody, punk, big guitars, and anti lyrics - then NKS needs to be in your collection of new bands that you're obsessed with.

RIYL: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth

New Killer Stars is a young band from The Netherlands that started in the end of 2006 and has already racked up many successes because of their ‘raw-flavoured’ songs and energical live performance.

They won several band contests and they were even nominated as “Best Newcomer of 2007” in their region. New Killer Stars played at one of the biggest festivals of Europe called, “Eurosonic” and has already toured through several places in Holland. Their first single “Can’t Stop Now” was broadcasted on national radio playing at the “KINK FM”-show, which is one of the most popular radio shows for alternative rock music in Holland.

The band came to its form when guitar abuser and lead singer Sytse Bloem needed band members for his songs that were already brewed in his attic. He asked Cesar Eisma to play bass guitar and Jelle van Gosliga to do the drums. All of them have musical influences from classic rock to 90’s alternative. Simply putting these 3 members together resulted in a new set of songs with a lot of variation and a new sound.

New Killer Stars have signed a USA deal with Coma Gun Records (Also home to Bugs Multiply). Their new 5 song EP "Hebrew Matthew" has been released in the USA on CD as well as through the popular digital distribution sites such as iTunes and eMusic.

When you throw the New Killer Stars CD into your car stereo and crank up the volume, the adrenaline flows, you start driving faster and it brings back all that excitement you felt when you first listened to great artists like Nirvana or Foo Fighters in their early days.

Coma Gun Music is excited to be at the forefront of defining and showering some attention on one of the great rock bands from The Netherlands. Dutch rock rules!!! Who knew?...

Expect a Spring 2009 USA tour - The NKS boys plan to fly over and hit the road with label mates Bugs Multiply for a week or two.


New Killer Stars - Hebrew Matthew
2008 Coma Gun Records

Track Listing:
1. Hebrew Matthew
2. Can't Stop Now
3. 19:24-26
4. Walking Aaway
5. Mister

Set List

45 minute action packed live set of mostly original songs.