New Liberty

New Liberty

 Ventura, California, USA

We were born at the right time to give rock n' roll a good swift kick in the ass


It’s been two years since the members of New Liberty ignored the warnings of friends and family in their native Pennsylvania and piled into a barely functioning 1976 RV, complete with an eagle painted on the side, to chase their rock and roll dreams in California.

Though many bands have tried to “make it in Cali”, most have failed, but, for New Liberty, in an example of testicular fortitude at its finest, the many months of RV living have paid off. With their genuine and friendly personalities and blistering live show, the band has taken the thriving Ventura County music scene by storm, amassing one of the largest followings in the area. Once this was established, New Liberty put themselves on the road with a tour to Seattle and 3 tours to Austin, TX including performances at the Texas Rock Festival and SXSW!

Now with their debut album, The Uninvited, the world is about to get invited to the party that Ventura has been going to all year. The band’s debut 11-track record pays homage to the bygone era of 1980s Sunset Strip rock in the vein of Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue, and also comes with a enough songwriting chops to separate themselves from the chin rock masses currently flooding rock radio. While some will think that the band was born twenty years too late, New Liberty insists, “we were born at the right time to give rock and roll a good swift kick in the ass”.

The boys have big plans for 2013. Under the helm of Producer/Engineer Roger Leo Camero, New Liberty will be releasing a new single every month for an entire year! Also, Red Sparrow Media will be releasing a documentary featuring New Liberty and what it takes to be a self-sustaining, touring rock band in today's world.

So tap the keg and turn up the tunes because... the party is just getting started.



- The Uninvited (LP) 2011
+ Producer: New Liberty w/ Aaron Goldberg & Chris Jay
+ Recorded & Engineered: Armand John Anthony (Satellite Studios, Ventura, Ca
+ Mastered: Carl Johnson (CRS IND)

- New Liberty (LP) 2008
+ Producer: Rob Freeman (The Pilot Studio)
+ Recorded & Engineered: Rob Freeman (The Pilot Studio)
+ Mastered: Michael Fossenkemper (Turtle Tone)