New Light Brigade

New Light Brigade


New Light Brigade make real, melodic and expressive music. We are about catchy choruses and hooks which people will hopefully sing in the shower, the car, or wherever takes their fancy. We don't mind where! We want to get our music to everyone and hopefully they'll get something from it.


There aren't too many fringe bands playing catchy pop/rock anymore and its still an immensely popular field. Consider groups such as REM & Crowded House who have huge followings and strings of No.1 albums. New Light Brigade blend that with more modern styles to make quite a unique, original sound. And depending on the audience, we can throw in a piano ballad, a folk song, or something with an indie flavour, without them sounding out of place in our set. This makes us a good festival band.
The band members have a good chemistry and are musically connected since college in 1997. Since then drummer Phil & singer Louisa were in 'The Weekend Millionaires' and came 2nd in a battle of the bands contest. 1st place would have earned them a slot at the massive Leeds V festival.
Frontman Karl Sloan spent 5 years in Edinburgh where he performed before a broadcasted comedy show. He has been named songwriter of the month on a regional BBC Radio show where he performed to 250,000 listeners and in 2009 was again live on BBC Radio from the Beverley Folk festival (England).
In 2007 he had a No.1 on the IAC music chart & Cashbox pop picks chart in the U.S. which featured in the Cashbox magazine and made No.3 on the Indiestore chart in the UK. The song has now been heard by millions due to internet streaming. Other festivals include Cambridge, The original rock marquee at Tribfest, Edinburgh fringe amongst others.
Combined, they have shared the same stage as Billy Bragg, Seth Lakeman, The Proclaimers, Hot club of cow tow, Chris Helme from The Seahorses and have received positive comments from the likes of Mike Scott from The Waterboys, ex Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin and industry professionals from Cashbox magazine and various internet sites.



Written By: Karl Sloan (New Light Brigade)

What looked like harmless summer clouds
became a storm that broke so loud
it's too late, i can't hear you now
What happened to the yellow flowers
the grass in which we lay for hours
it's not green, not now

for all the hours of night in which i cowered down
behind the thought that i could lose you

Oh save me, just save me, and take me across
for this heart is no stronger than the love that it lost
save me, just save me, and take me across
for the sky's so much darker, when a future is lost

Daily Play

Written By: Karl Sloan (New Light Brigade)

The street-light gives you a little light to sleep by
and iv'e a picture of you, looking through your window at the stars
I've seen the way you light up a room with your sweet eye
and iv'e heard you lie there and listen to the far off cars

Guilty of dreaming

Written By: Karl Sloan (New Light Brigade)

I keep dreaming about you, i wouldn't stop it if i could
i do my best but i'll never be more than ninety-five per cent good
well i know that you like him, he gets you over the hill
but i will love you so much more, i swear i will, i swear i will

Our lives here are less than perfect, we live in a constant war
abduction, do we deserve it, sometimes i'm just not sure
our lives here are stripped of freedom, drink to that fabled ghost
i come undone, if you come around, i love you the most, love you the most

We sleep walk, we talk, we stumble, up-to that lifeless hill
but i will love you so much more, i swear i will, i swear i will
I'm guilty of dreaming


The bands first E.P. is available to listen to at

The song Beauty at high tide has received airplay and been heard by millions courtesy of internet streaming.