New Machines

New Machines

 Loveland, Ohio, USA


In 1998 guitarist Eric Bair AKA Blair wrote a song entitled I Love My Machine. This song would later be the inspiration for the the jazz/punk/pop hybrid New Machines. Eric was influenced by jazz artists John Coltrane and Miles Davis and punk rockers like The Stooges and Television. Eric recruited saxophonist Sam Krall and drummer Jayant Thomas soon after, and the band began playing live shows in and around Toledo, OH in 2000. The bands blend of jazz, punk, and pop influences caught the attention of other bands around the Midwest and soon resulted in gigs in Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Columbus in 2001. By 2007, New Machines single Metropolis was featured on the soundtrack for the PBS TV series Roadtrip Nation along with artists Of Montreal and Brett Dennen. The band made an appearance on the cable TV network FUSE a few years later, and their instrumental track Shielded was featured on PBS and the Turner Superstation cable network in 2009. New Machines has played with a wide variety of artists such as Steve Conte, guitarist for the reformed punk/glam rockers New York Dolls and indie rockers Wussy. Having played mostly clubs and several music festivals during its tenure, the band ventured beyond traditional venues to play Chicagolands Six Flags theme park in 2011. New Machines has been rockin' for over a decade and looks forward to new musical opportunities for years to come.



Written By: Eric Bair

A walk downtown
Is a step for the newcomer
With naivete
Understanding all the ways of the city

And the fluid lights
And the back street fights...
They say "Welcome to metropolis"

They say "Here comes the stranger... Oh no!"

I could walk for miles
This town feels like a lucky one
And all around
I'm a face
Without a name to follow

And the fluid lights
And the back street fights
They say "Welcome to metropolis"

They say "Here comes the stranger.. Oh no"

Time Stand Still

Written By: Eric Bair

Call it patience
Or call it temperment
But I don't see it and I don't believe it
'Cause when they throw the ball back to last year
You'll see the laughs and smiles on faces

Time, please stand still
Do it for me
Do it for everyone

And in her sleep she may recall
Times of running with the fast ones
But now the weather has gotten cold
And all the fast ones are now the last ones

So I say "time, please stand stand still"
Do it for me
Do it for everyone


1999 - "New Machines"
2001 - Garagetapes Sonic Imbalance compilation - contains the single "Eyeballs Of The World"
2002 - "729 Tecumseh"
2005 - "Welcome To Metropolis"
2007 - PBS series Roadtrip Nation soundtrack - contains the single "Metropolis"

Set List

Set lists vary depending on the length of time we are to required to play. We have played an entire evening on our own and also played alongside 2 to 3 other bands. We play all original songs.
Each set is typically between 45 minutes to one hour long and we are able to play three sets if we are the only band playing. Here's one example of a set:
1. Metropolis
2. Eyeballs Of The World
3. Get Inside Me
4. God of Architecture
5. Mr. Indecision
6. Stupid Eyes
7. Outta My Skin
8. Blow-Up
9. Little Girl Big Head
10. I Love My Machine
11. Anesthize Me
12. Chewin' Up The Microphone

We have plenty of other tunes to fill up time if need be.