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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
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"LIVE REVIEW: Gardens & Villa, New Mexico @ Casbah, SD 02/17/12"

New Mexico. Local band New Mexico opened up for Gardens & Villa at Friday’s late show at the Casbah. I’d heard a lot of hype around San Diego about New Mexico; they seem to play at all my favorite bars, yet I’d never heard them. And I was pleasantly surprised. New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico is clear, no-frills rock. I could have easily been in someone’s garage listening to their cooler, older brother’s band rock out. They remind me of a mix of The Clash, Devo, and Iggy and the Stooges. Each song that the quartet played was energetic and danceable. New Mexico provided the perfect intro to Gardens & Villa. - The Owl Mag

"New Mexico is still among the best"

The formerly known as Apes of Wrath rocks out at The Casbah
By Seth Combs

Back in 2009, I wrote in these pages that Apes of Wrath might be the “best band in San Diego.” It wasn’t so much a righteous, declarative statement as it was a reaction to the local buzz the band was getting at the time.

Well, Apes of Wrath no longer exists, but most of the members now play under the name New Mexico. It seems almost anticlimactic to be writing this when, if you’d asked three years ago, I’d have said the band would be touring the nation by now and getting favorable write-ups in bigger publications. But that didn’t happen, and, admittedly, I may have lost sight of what made them so special in the first place.

So, at the risk of sounding righteous and declarative, let me once again be blunt: New Mexico is still one of the best bands in San Diego. Period.

Last Friday night, I caught them opening for Gardens & Villa at The Casbah. Judging by the amount of bros in the audience, the headliners are well on their way to reaching the same audience as Jack Johnson. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying New Mexico’s set of mostly new songs.

What struck me the most is how well the songs were fleshed out in comparison with the postpunk and indie-rock fare of their first release as New Mexico, 2010’s Have You Met My Friend?, and their material as Apes of Wrath. The band is still edgy and catchy, but new songs like “Winter Rentals,” “Blankets” and, especially, the set’s closer, “Information,” are more expansive and nuanced.

Whether it’s a sign of maturity or a direct influence of adding Roxy Jones’ Peter Graves on keyboards and harmonies, the band I saw on Friday night was as thrilling as the first time I saw them perform years ago. Who cares if they haven’t yet garnered national buzz? This new New Mexico is a band that’s paid its dues and will get there in its own time. - City Beat, San Diego

"Get In Line For: New Mexico"

While preparing our Top EP’s of 2010, we discovered a band that may have been our favorite discovery of the year. New Mexico combines the sonic styles of two of our favorite bands; The Strokes and Gang of Four. While some bands take their influences and create something that is derivative, New Mexico bring an energy and passion that hails the early punk movement of the late 70's and early 80's. Jake, Rob, and Dustin took a few moments to discuss their influences and their plans to bring their amazing music to a larger audience.

TDOA: The first time I heard Motion Sickness, I thought of Gang of Four and The Strokes. Then I heard a different version that referenced Mission of Burma. As you mix different versions of your songs, do you think about how people will listen to them and how it will remind them of certain bands?

NM: Normally, I would say specific influences are not thought about when mixing music. We kind of mix and produce our music according to what we are feeling at the moment and what sounds good to us for the purpose of serving the song. We are big fans of all of the bands you mentioned so there most likely is a subconscious effect by the influence from those bands according to how we feel while mixing/producing.

TDOA: In your bio, you mention Wire and Mission of Burma, which aren’t exactly household names for the younger generation. Do you make those references to try and catch people’s attention or is it just a genuine reflection of the music you listen to?

NM: Those bands are totally a genuine reflection, and are examples of a vast array of different musical influences we have. A lot of times we find out about groups by people telling us we sound like them. The Wire reference came from Jason Kick from the band, Maus Haus in San Francisco. He heard us when we first started doing shows as a trio and asked if we listened to Wire. Well, we did our research and totally fell in love with Wire. Then, as our sound progressed the subconscious influence of their stylings crept in.

TDOA: I did a double-take at your mention of The Police. Are we talking “Fall Out” Police or “Wrapped Around Your Finger” Police?

NM: Either “Wrapped Around You Finger” or Sting’s, “If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free”…well eventually, if we are so lucky in our refinement. (Fall Out would be a great reference, although I see most of Outlandos D’Amour being a good all over reference as well)

TDOA: Here’s what caught our attention about New Mexico. Each instrument (including vocals) is doing something that is uniquely interesting. We would happily mute the other tracks and listen to one instrument at a time. Do you write songs together or do you each bring in your own ideas and build from there?

NM: We mostly collaborate in our rehearsal space by finding songs in jams we have. Then Rob will apply words to his vocal melodies. Sometimes the melodies and song structure get rewritten over and over as the song grows and as it decides what it needs. The collaborative process may sometimes start by an idea that Rob or I may bring in as well. We then work on the song collaboratively to finish it. Being a trio, we often have more room for creativity in our individual contributions as well, even though we like to keep the music fairly straightforward. Weird is great, but we don’t want to go all schizo on ya (maybe).

TDOA: Oh yeah….. New Mexico. Why pick that as a band name?

NM: So no one could find us on Google… Well, actually we changed our name after we went from 4 members to 3 members. Our sound started to change as well so we decided it was the best thing to do since our momentum needed a reroute. We used to be known as Apes of Wrath, and we had more of a proggy dance rock vibe. Once we became a trio, the garage/post punk sides of us came out more and New Mexico was born. New Mexico represents the land of enchantment and we like to be enchanted.

TDOA: How did you get connected with the folks at Crash Avenue?

NM: We have done a bunch of shows for Larry Little of the music site/blog They turned Jeff at Crash Avenue onto us, who proceeded to contact us about our music and our plans.

TDOA: We’ve got the new EP and named it #1 on our Best EP’s of 2010 list. More importantly, do you have anything else out? A 7?, a handmade cassette, bootlegs of you collectively singing in the shower????

NM: Wow. Thanks. Right now we have about 6 new finished songs and at least 4 song buds in the works. Currently we are doing some home-style pre-production, and we are wanting to start recording soon (once we get some funds) so we can get at least a single and a full length album released in 2011. We also have a full length album we recorded as Apes of Wrath which was pseudo-released last April. It is more of a transitional album, but we hope to eventually re-release it under New Mexico.

TDOA: What’s next for New Mexico? SXSW? Touring? New material? Soon? Please?

NM: All of the above. We plan on working a lot in 2011. We already have a few California shows in January, and there are some SXSW shows in the works. The new material is part of our live set so until we get our new stuff recorded and released next year our shows will be the only way to experience it. We may be thinking about trying to make little homemade acoustic vids soon as well. - The Dumbing of America

"New Mexico – “Motion Sickness”"

File under: Obsession. My love affair continues for New Mexico and their eponymous debut EP that is so. friggin. good. Here’s a new video for the track “Motion Sickness”. - The OCMD


Here’s the latest music video from our friends from San Diego, NEW MEXICO. Word is, they are playing the April edition of The Rumble: San Diego @ Bar Pink. - Future Sounds

"New Video: New Mexico: Motion Sickness"

Grant ReineroNew Mexicoat their bandcampNew Mexico - Get A Job
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New Mexico - Abused & Amused
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Grant Reinero directs the new video from San Diego trio, New Mexico (formerly Apes Of Wrath). The band rocks out in space!

You can name your own price at their bandcamp for the band’s album Have You Met My Friend. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"My Top 25 Albums of 2010"

My Top 25 Albums of 2010

Artist: Deerhunter
Album: Halcyon Digest
Track: “Desire Lines”

Artist: Tame Impala
Album: Innerspeaker
Track: “Vital Signs”

Artist: New Mexico (formally Apes of Wrath)
Album: Have You Met My Friend?
Track: “Abused and Amused”

Artist: Ty Segall
Album: Melted
Track: “Imaginary Person”

Artist: Lower Dens
Album: Twin Hand Movement
Track: “A Dog’s Dick”

Artist: Future Islands
Album: In the Evening Air
Track: “As I Fall”

Artist: The Radio Dept.
Album: Clinging to a Scheme
Track: “This Time Around”

Artist: Woods
Album: At Echo Lake
Track: “Blood Dries Quicker”

Artist: Mount Kimbie
Album: Crooks & Lovers
Track: “Blind Night Errand”

Artist: Sea of Bees
Album: Songs for the Raven
Track: “Marmalade”

Artist: Sonny & The Sunsets
Album: Tomorrow is Alright
Track: “Lovin’ on an Older Gal”

Artist: Tamaryn
Album: The Waves
Track: “Mild Confusion”

Artist: Sun Airway
Album: Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier
Featured Tracks: “Put the Days Away”

Artist: J. Irvin Dally
Album: Despistado
Track: “The Little Ones”

Artist: Royal Baths
Album: Litanies
Track: “Nikki Don’t”Artist: The Dig
Album: Electric Toys
Track: “You’re Already Gone”

Artist: Phantogram
Album: Eyelid Movies
Track: “When I’m Small”

Artist: Caribou
Album: Swim
Track: “Sun”

Artist: Local Natives
Album: Gorilla Manor
Track: “Sun Hands”

Artist: Twin Tigers
Album: Gray Waves
Track: “Everyday”

Artist: The National
Album: High Violet
Track: “Afraid of Everyone”

Artist: The Black Keys
Album: Brothers
Artist: The Black Ryder
Album: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
Track: “Gone Without Feeling”

Artist: Warpaint
Album: The Fool
Track: “Undertow”

Artist: Geographer
Album: Animal Shapes
Track: “Original Sin” - The OCMD

"One to Watch: New Mexico – “Have You Met My Friend?”"

There’s nothing about this San Diego-based trio (formally Apes of Wrath) I don’t like. Their music gives me that warm, tingly feeling. The kind of instant love I felt when I first heard White Denim. In fact this track ‘Abused and Amused’ kinda has a little White Denim going on in there, no? Recently nominated ‘Best Local Act’ in their hometown, they are gearing up to release their debut EP under their new moniker on November 16 via iTunes. Hot, hot, hot. - The OCMD

"Top 25 Albums of 2010"

#10 New Mexico
Have You Met My Friend?

There are a handful of bands that Pinpoint Music relentlessly follows. Whether they wanted in that ring of fire or not New Mexico is one of these select few bands. An infatuation thats genesis is New Mexico’s unwavering and unrelenting attack on popular music.

Formally a four piece band well known as Apes of Wrath, it’s clear that New Mexico will build their own name with this streamlined three person formation. Making a conscious decision to move away from the danceier punk sound the Apes cut their teeth on New Mexico’s Have You Met My Friend is full blast and effortless. That’s not to say this is a carefree record, it’s really anything but. Wrapped up in those accessible hooks lies the beast spirit of discontent, feeding itself on the youth as it coils for an uprising. That’s the attraction though; it’s the good girl in sundress who just handed you her panties. Hearts racing you’re tense enough to rip asphalt up with your teeth but all the onlookers remain unsuspecting. - Pinpoint Music

"The Top 5 E.P.s of 2010"

When I began the process of putting together my top ten albums list, I realized that this had been an exceptional year for EP’s. On the ever-changing landscape of the music business, many new bands have begun to release free EP’s to try and gain an audience. Many of the EP’s on this list are either free or inexpensive. They are also a sign that 2011 is going to be a fantastic year, as these bands release full-length records. Among these are some of the best songs of 2011. Enjoy!
01 New Mexico- The New Mexico EP
02 Stripmall Architecture- Feathersongs For Factory Girls (Part One)
03 Whirl- Distressor EP
04 Diehard- Ultimate Heartthrob
05 Heinali and Matt Finney- Lemonade EP - The Dumbing of America

"New Mexico: Have You Met My Friend?"

San Diego trio, New Mexico (formerly Apes Of Wrath) have recently crafted and released a 7-song EP that is sure to raise the pulse of more than a few west coast garage rock lovers.

Not only that, they’ve given you the option of naming your own price at their bandcamp for Have You Met My Friend.

Endorsed : The Bible for all things great in west coast rock, Aquarium Drunkard has featured the band at some of his live shenanigans.

RIYL : Get A Job sounds a little like something awesome you might hear from fellow San Diego garage punks, The Soft Pack. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"New Mexico CD Review"


have you met my friend?

This San Diego trio has a lot to answer for. By no means negatively, but as music makers and fans of music. They wear numerous influences on their sleeves with have you met my friend? Judging by the excellent sounds, and songs, they seem like people you'd want to talk music with at a noisy party. New Mexico sound different track to track, on the seven song EP. Where it fails many bands the variety works here over and over. There's no through line to be found other than a great album with a lot of energy.

"Case Closed" opens with this cool, magnetic, echoing guitar line. The song jumps around, most fun at the chorus and then burns into oblivion by the time it ends. This one song encapsulates the power and aesthetic of the band. So does "Chosen Ones", a Mooney Suzuki-like song that pumps with the vigor of a band from Detroit trashing a warehouse filled with battered car parts. "Abused and Amused" is another crash-and-burn track that recalls The Dead 60's but is completely theirs. There's an early eighties New Wave/rock and roll sound to New Mexico. Its all rather large sounding like European bands with random hit singles and moody like The Psychedelic Furs, namely on "Quiet in the City" where the band harmonizes over slumming and slurred vocals. The guitar and drums bash and fight, making for a fantastic song that feels they could care less. New Mexico could easily become "that band" of the moment. Nothing wrong there. But it'd be a shame to have them lost in the shuffle of hipster fame when they make music that's way beyond trendy.

-Brian Tucker - Bootleg Magazine

"New Mexico - Have You Met My Friend?"

San Diego-based New Mexico reaches a fresh sound by going back into the record archives for a string of influences ranging from Mission of Burma, to The Kinks, to Felt, to straight-up garage rock. The album starts off raucous with the lo-fi rocker “Motion Sickness” and power chords its way through a seven-track tour de force. “Abused and Amused” is the best track on the album with a ridiculously catchy chorus and incredible brooding lyrics. The whole album gives off a dirty rock vibe with enough distortion and power chords to make the album play great at full volume. But, the music is layered enough and the lyrics are solid enough to make the album playable all over the volume spectrum. New Mexico has pulled off the nearly impossible: a sensible rock album that still packs an auditory punch. - Verbicide Magazine

"New Mexico - Have You Met My Friend?"

Steve McQueen, that’s all I’m thinking. Bullitt. Badass. AMERICA! A man. A gun. A car. A cause. Rock and fucking roll.

That’s New Mexico.

And I like it.

I suppose that’s no surprise, really. I am a man born of chords, sweat, booze and the truth. So when I have the strange chance to hear a band that speaks the language of my youth you can bet your soft scarred ass I’m going to do my best to share it with you.

Please don’t read this wrong, though.

New Mexico aren’t amp monkeys. They don’t turn it up and spit Bon Scott sex swag hoping their homage can amass those coveted denim points (though I have yet to see a good state logo riding the back of a Road King). They’re something different. They’re desert.

Arid. Dry. Tense.


That’s Steve. A lady’s man, to be sure, but still an outsider through and through. A fucking antihero. A renegade in a hell of a ride. He fought the good fight, living and dying by the sunshine.

Maybe not the same one sleeping over San Diego where New Mexico resides but close enough for those cowboy killers to fuel on his stone irreverence. To let his smirk bleed into every jam they kick out to burn the old surf city sound.

Have You Met My Friend is full blast and effortless, to be played as a soundtrack to a white Dodge Charger on the run from Johnny Law. One hand, hard on the steering wheel, the other feeling up Ali MacGraw. - Pinpoint Music

"New Mexico: Have You Met My Friend?"

New Mexico, formerly named The Apes of Wrath, are based in San Diego. You’d think they would be from Albuquerque or maybe Santa Fe. I dug around on their MySpace site where they explain the name change: Apes of Wrath was a four-person band that played more dance/rock, whereas New Mexico is a three-person band (Jake Bankhead on bass and vocals, Dustin Elliott on drums, and Robert Kent on vocals and guitar) that takes pride in not being found on Google. If you try to Google them, you might instead find, say, the New Mexico State Marching Band. Well, that explains it pretty clearly, and leads me to believe they don’t take themselves too seriously; although they are getting some serious recognition for their talents. In fact, in September of this year, New Mexico performed and were nominated for Best Alternative Artist at the San Diego Music Awards, a city that finds itself quickly becoming a new alternative cultural epicenter.

I wish I were in San Diego, driving in my convertible while listening to “Motion Sickness,” the first song of the EP. Just try not to move to this song. It’s a head-bopping blast. There is a great line repeated in the chorus, “Motion sickness of the heart,” that gives the song a dark humor.
New Mexico work into an equally rocking second song called “Abused and Amused.” The first verse dives in with a bite:

“He could have your sister/if he wanted to/Plus she’s into bean heads/Dudes who look like you.”

Other energetic songs on the EP like “Get a Job” and “Golden” are sung with a monotone, Devo-style, but also nod towards The Ramones. “Chosen Ones” begins with a long guitar wave of feedback before bursting into the first verse, with solid harmonies from Robert and Jake on the chorus.

The more you listen to New Mexico, the more you want to identify them with classic punk or new wave bands; but at the same time, they feel innovative and new. “Case Closed,” slows things down a bit and is more complex, with vocal hints of Robert Smith. There is a floating, echoing repetitive guitar riff throughout the verses, a nice bridge of ooh-ooh’s that breaks into heavy drums, then explodes into the chorus.

New Mexico’s classically fresh sound should be seen and heard loud and live to be fully appreciated. I visualize a live show, outdoors, on the beach, with hundreds of shiny, happy people, fists pumping and heads moving in unison, rockin’ out. I hope they make their way up the coast for an outdoor show in Seattle sometime. July would be nice. Maybe August…

You can stream the EP in its entirety at New Mexico’s Bandcamp. - Randomville


The San Diego based trio now known as NEW MEXICO, have dropped their first EP release under this moniker (they were once the APES OF WRATH) yesterday called “Have You Met My Friend?” that up for sale on Bandcamp and iTunes.We love the three amigos, Jake, Dustin and Rob and have been eagerly awaiting the new direction. Their next show is at The Tin Cat Ale House in San Diego on November 20th.

Listen to “Case Closed” - Future Sounds

"New Mexico - Video and Interview"

Good luck finding the band New Mexico through Google; go ahead we’ll wait. Don’t be dissuaded though sometimes you have to scratch below the surface to find the real stuff out there. Though you might want to get aboard with these guys early as New Mexico isn’t exactly flying below the radar. Currently nominated for Best Alternative Music in San Diego and recently playing a showcase put on by one of Pinpoint’s favorite blogs Aquarium Drunkard, these guys are coming on quick.

This 3 piece, formally a 4 piece called Apes of Wrath, bleeds across genres like a hemophiliac. Depending on the song you might hear notes of classic Devo, Dick Dale, Agent Orange, or Elvis Costello. Regardless of the influences these guys don’t wear them enough to blend in to monotony. Coming off their debut release earlier in 2010, titled after the old band Apes of Wrath (buy on iTunes), New Mexico is already back in the studio.

While on a tour that stopped by Cake Shop in New York we kidnapped the guys, and drummer Dustin Elliott’s shirt, and brought them into the studios of NYC’s premiere audio postproduction company AudioEngine for an exclusive session. Please enjoy a 12 minutes of New Mexico performing “Case Closed” and “Bad Advice”, split up into smaller parts for our ADD viewers. - Pinpoint Music

"The Owl and Bear Podcast vol. 143"

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VCR (Matthew Dear Remix) – The xx
Where Did You Run To? – The Smart Brothers
Levi Johnston’s Blues – Ben Folds & Nick Hornby
Criminal Love – Rumspringa
In My Room – LoveLikeFire
Strange Powers – The Shins
Snow Song – I Was A King
Case Closed – New Mexico
Somehow To Keep It Going – Cotton Jones
Safe In LA – Gold Motel
Break Up – Kelli Scarr
Undertow (Edit) – Warpaint
Down By The Water – The Decemberists
Get Some – Lykke Li
Notes of Urgency – Hot Cha Cha
Telephone – The Black Angels
AM/FM Sound – Matt & Kim

- Owl and Bear

"New Mexico"

New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath) are a three piece indie rock band that despite their name are actually from the up and coming music scene of San Diego, California. They sent along their latest EP Have You Met My Friend? and I am loving it! A rocking good time that reminds of the fun stoner rock party vibes of bands like Queens of the Stone Age. In particular I'm loving their tracks "Motion Sickness" and "Abused and Amused" which I'm posting below, but they're all really good and you can grab the entire 7 track EP on their bandcamp page were you can name your own price, including the recession friendly price of $0. If you like these two tracks I'm posting below I'd go grab the rest of that EP pronto. Muy bueno!
- Off the Radar Music

"New Mexico heats up music scene"

Already known as the best new band out of San Diego, New Mexico has made a name for themselves for their high-energy live performances. Formerly known as the Apes of Wrath (way cooler name, in my opinion), New Mexico is a three piece outfit consisting of Robert Kent on guitar and vocals, Jake Bankhead on bass and Dustin Elliott on drums. Drawing influences from a variety of bands including Devo, Mission of Burma and Wire, New Mexico blends elements of post-punk and garage for a unique sound unlike anything else out there today. Yes, both genres have been done before, but not quite as uniquely as New Mexico.

"Have You Met My Friend," the debut EP under their new moniker, sees the band crafting fast paced tunes with enough angst to be classified as post-punk but incorporating pop hooks and melodies which will be sure to get stuck in your head. Drawing heavily from post-punk greats Mission of Burma, New Mexico has perfected the experimental punk sound of the early 80s. Vocalist Kent sounds a lot like Athens, Georgia's the Whigs but with a little less southern growl, and bassist Bankhead does a great job harmonizing throughout the album.

Opening track, "Motion Sickness," bursts with a prowling bass line throughout the song as Kent growls about the pains of love. The chorus had me singing along after the first listen, something not many bands are capable of.

Their first single, "Case Closed," opens with a very upbeat guitar riff accompanied by a Local Natives-esque drum beat. Again, the chorus hook had me singing along with its simple, repetitive lyrics and poppy melody. The song reminds me much of the Whigs' "Production City" with similar guitar strumming patterns with abrupt stops. My favorite track on the album would have to be "Get a Job" with its fast paced bass line, perfect if you're ever caught in a high speed chase. The "do do's" featured in the chorus are definitely the high point in the song, adding a pop emphasis defining their '60s garage rock influences. The band even hints at influences from Queens of the Stone Age, most notably on the track "Abused and Amused," complete with zombie moans throughout the track.

New Mexico has already proven themselves as a live band and their EP has made it clear that they are definitely capable of writing pop driven, post-punk gems. Their debut EP "Have You Met My Friend" is set to drop on record store shelves on Nov. 16, but can be streamed for free on their Band Camp website now.

Lead single, "Case Closed" is also available for free, so there really shouldn't be anything stopping you from checking these guys out.
- The DePaulia

"LISTEN: New Mexico (The band, not the state)"

Anyone who knows me, or reads Mixtape Muse, knows that I'm a sucker for garage rock (I mean, I made a feature on the site just to talk about it). And while I'll generally warm up to anything that's rough around the edges, pushes up against the speakers, and attacks with hot, buzzing tube amplifiers, I've certainly come across practitioners of the genre that have lacked the attitude and obvious passion for the music to leave much of a lasting impression. Garage rock isn't just about great songs, or hooks, it's about conviction. For example, (Iggy &) The Stooges may be widely held as pioneers of punk -- a protopunk band to most -- but they were and are, at their core, a garage rock band who took off on the conviction that poured out of Iggy Pop.

New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath) do it for me. They aren't straight up garage rock, as they mix in perfect amounts of post-punk. With every chord strummed; with every hi-hat and snare hit; with every bass riff that ascends and descends the fretboard, you can sense the presence of the band's passion for what they're doing. In the jangle of guitar and chug of bass, it's evident they aren't half-assing anything. New Mexico stroll nonchalantly, appearing cool and composed one moment. Then, before you know it, they're making a pleasurable racket with cymbals crashing and furiously strummed electric guitar. And if my words aren't convincing you (some people are more visual than others), then you can check out a live performance of a song from their brand new EP after the jump.

You can also check out a few songs from said EP and stream/download it after the jump. - Mixtape Muse


Have You Met My Friend? - EP
Singles from the EP
- Case Closed
- Abused and Amused
- Motion Sickness



You won’t find them on Google, at least not yet, but you might find New Mexico, formerly Apes of Wrath, lying down in the alley, illegal Mezcal in hand, fresh from trying to kick Stuart Copeland’s ass at their preferred hang. While not the limelight-seekers of Copeland’s peak years with The Police, this formidable triage have the same aesthetic approach – simple, fluid, well-crafted rock and roll with oomph. Tell Gordon Sumner. Tell Devo, Wire, and Mission of Burma, too, that neighborhood-friendly heavy garage pop is back to thrash, alive and well in our post-chillwave paradigm.

Known as a live juggernaut, New Mexico were recently nominated for best local at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards and was handpicked by LA’s Aquarium Drunkard to perform at Waved Out. Before closing out the year, New Mexico released their debut under the new namesake. It's called "Have You Met My Friend".

For 2011 there is a new round of music from this trio. If you get a chance to see them before the spring you may see the new approach they are exploring in their crafts. The band plans on releasing new recordings before the break of fall.