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newmillie tagging his name Motivated by passion more so than money, Yonkers, New York’s own Newmillie is a different type of artist. Seated in a barber’s chair at the Touch of Class Barber Shop located in Getty’s Square, which happens to be in the heart of city, this new wave rapper is oblivious to the conversations going on around him. Surrounded by the usual Barber Shop talk of politics, music, and the ever present argument of male vs. female, Newmillie is instead focused on the newest beat that has locked itself on repeat in his mind. Dressed in a pair of jeans, a black tee, and a pair of Gortex boots he seems militant, focused and ready for anything. Gearing up to push his current solo project and bring his passion for music to the streets and the world, Newmillie’s battle for recognition has just begun. “I was raised like a soldier, that alone has really helped fuel my aggression to make it,” states Newmillie when asked about his drive to bring his talent to the forefront. “The way my parents instilled in me to never look for handouts or expect people to do things for me that I couldn’t do for myself, sets me apart from a lot of rappers out here who get on and just stop grinding it out.” Located 5 minutes from the Bronx and 15 minutes from the city of New York, Yonkers has over time come to hold its own as a place to be respected. Turning out nationally known artist such as DMX, The Lox, and Mary J. Blidge, has continuously kept Yonkers on the map as a place where talent can and has grown and Newmillie is no different. Born and raised on the Southside streets of Yonkers, New York, Nawaf “Newmillie” Shleiwet is a product of his environment. Part of a couple cliques as a youth and involved in the usual occurrences of the streets, Newmillie has grown to become a man who can hold his own and has escaped the fates of jail and death through his passion for music. A “tagger” by trade, due to his brief run as a graffiti artist in his teen years, Newmillie is now someone who always carries a pen instead of a marker so that he can tag those versus and lines that threaten to spill from his thoughts. Inspired by Yo! MTV Raps, A Tribe called Quest, 2Pac, Big L, and Run DMC, Newmillie began his career start in music at the age of 17, when he first decided to write his 1st verse. “I have always been a fan of music,” states Newmillie. “I got addicted and then realized that I too, had the power to create just like the other guys. I bought a karaoke machine when I was 19 and started getting beats and spent a lot of time working on my flow. I wanted to be able to master any beat and master my ability to my fullest potential.” Taken in and guided by the Beyond Rest DJ’s of the Lower Eastside, was a true turning point for Newmillie who looks to music as a way to deal with and unload his problems. It was then he first experienced the studio recording progress that has allowed him to progress as an artist in his craft. DJ Koolkid and the Hood Legends would also play an important role in Newmillie’s struggle to get his music heard. Now, currently under the watchful eye of the D-Block imprint that brought Lox member’s Styles P, Sheek Slouch, and Jadakiss, to the music arena, Newmillie has just the right type of guidance to make his presence felt in the music industry. “I make music because I love to do it” starts Newmillie. “It’s my passion. I’m not even looking to get money from this. That all comes secondary.” With the drive, motivation, and dedication to pushing his talent and passion, Newmillie should have no problem capturing the attention of the industry and fans alike. As 2008 continues, be on the look out for Newmillie and his new project _____.