New Motels

New Motels


New Motels is a blend of everything its members hold dear about music: melodies, hooks, harmonies, song-craft, and a few ramshackle loose ends that stick-in-your-head. We're not trying to change lives, we just want people to tap their toe...and maybe sing along.


Jenkintown Pa's own New Motels write songs with such attention to detail that the lyric sheet becomes something to treasure. Luckily, there’s one included in their Domestic Life EP, released last summer by Scranton, Pa's Prison Jazz label. Postcollege anxieties arise in “West Coast Brawl,” and likewise the exquisite drag of suffering through your 20s is captured by the title track and the Big Star-ish “Modern Thinker.” Leader Josh Levandoski sings calmly over the band’s twangy pop, which remains sunny despite his looming worries. It’s mostly a slow-burning record until the closing “Drama of the Hollywood Scene” stirs up vivid imagery that could’ve been inspired by Annie Hall. In the simplest terms possible, New Motels is the perfect blending of folk-rock and power pop, pulling you in with fetching melodies. The band was recently selected as one of the Delware Valley's "Top Ten Bands to watch in 08" in Philadelphia's The Edge weekly, and has received copious praise for its single, "Modern Thinker."


The Domestic Life Ep was released last August on Prison Jazz records. The record was featured on Philadelphia City Paper's local music stream on its website, and has received airplay from local Princeton, NJ DJ, Jon Solomon. The single Modern Thinker has also had recent airplay on Y-Rock on WXPN in Philadelphia, as well as has gotten several spins on various college radio stations in and around Philadelphia.

Set List

A typical set runs like this:

West Coast Brawl
Modern Thinker
Drama of the Hollywood Scene
All-Pervading Plagiarist
All the Dreamers
Princes of Mayfair
High on the Record
Raised by a Riot
Domestic Life
Sienna's got it Right
Days of Wine and Roses