New Movement

New Movement

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Exciting and interactive funk/hip hop show with lots of jumpin' and dancin'. Great for a party - We've got a killer 9-piece funk-estra with lots of energy to lively up any concert hall!


Established in 2005, the New Movement has been bringing people together on the dance floor across Southern Ontario.

Play music that's fun, exciting, and diverse with a great set of core musicians
Word. We transfer positive energy into the crowd and the world.

Mostly hovering around the funk genre, a typical show can range from Soca to Soul and from Reggae to Rap.

Each member of the band is a vital ingredient in the New Movement stew. With each new member bringing their own taste to the mix. Over time we've developed an extended family of guest musicians who play alongside us including rappers, percussionists, singers, guitarists, horn players. You never know who's gonna be at a New Movement gig!

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Demo - 2006

Set List

A show is usually two sets, approximately one hour each. The later set usually features guest soloists.

A typical set is energetic and good for dancing. Some covers include songs by James Brown, Jackson 5, Christina Aguilera, Chaka Khan, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jamiroquai. For most covers we put our own twist on it, such as in Respect Yourself by the Staple Singers, Bang Bang by Dr. Dre, or For What its Worth by Buffalo Springfield.

We also play many original tunes, some of which are available on our demo.