New Parallel

New Parallel


We're a four-piece alternative-rock band out of Winter Haven, Florida, formed in early 2008 in the style of Alter Bridge / 12 Stones. Our hearts and souls are in this music and our lyrics tell a set of stories about life.


Anyone who told you making music is easy was right; "making" music is easy. Being a musician, though, is not easy - but it is fun. We make this music because we love what we have created, as much as we love our families and our friends. New Parallel was founded by Dave Peak, and Ben Cochrane; Chris came to New Parallel, according to Dave, about a month and a half after the band began with just Dave on guitar and Ben on the drums. And, that began the first of a great many days where we would get together and just instantaneously "click" musically. Soon after we brought on an interim bass player, and when we parted ways with him in the beginning of 09, we found Big Ben Selph. Ben 0.5 is about half his size, which explains both of their nicknames. In mid April of 2009 we parted ways with our vocalist JC, a clean part, but something that had to be done. Then in June of 2009 we found our new vocalist Brandon Holliday, he brings much stage presence and amazing vocals to New Parallel.

We're heavily influenced by a pair of bands, which would be Alter Bridge and 12 Stones. Each of us has our own individual style and personality and we wrap our life experiences into the music we write.


Unchained (2008, Ac.) - A four-track acoustic cd.

Broken Season (2008, Demo) - A 3-track demo cd containing three crowd favorites. Two of these songs (Forsaken and Broken Season) have gained radio airplay and online streaming.

Set List

Typically we mix up our set list dependent upon whether or not we want to include new music and what kind of crowd we'll be playing for. Our full set list at this time is:

The Angel's Call
Broken Season
Left Behind
The End*

*ed songs are the songs we cut, and or add to the set list depending on time limitations etc. We add new songs to this list as we get them ready for shows.