New Saxons

New Saxons


The Saxons are new, and sounding a little Lemon Headsy, a little Vampire Weekendy and a little Vinesy...Your floor sir.


New Saxons, much like the old ones, are an invading force from a small cold climate state excepting where the old ones brought kite shields and button up pants, these ones bring clean rocking Stratocasters and zip up shoes.

It is true, Tim Green, the front man and Mr Everything does wear tighty whiteys and changes them after a show, but don’t let that put you off. Tim’s penchant for rockin indie pop far exceeds even his vest collection into the realm of, ‘fuck I must have heard that before’, and, ‘get that damn song out of my head’.

The rest of the band members have questionable underwear choices too, Liam on the skins opts for tighty whiteys too but as becomes immediately apparent, they have a slightly bigger cod-piece and he doesn’t change them as frequently. Locky on keys may seem a bit bashful on first impressions but when it gets to pants off time there aren’t many people who can pull off leopard print with such aplomb. Charles on bass is more of a bonds man but he pulls them up really high when he plays so that’s ok.

The Saxons are new, and sounding a little Lemon Headsy, a little Vampire Weekendy and a little Vinesy, they released a preliminary EP at the end of 2008 funded by Arts Tas who saw their genius even then. Since then, teamed up with their new manager Dane Hunnerup and working with producer Chris Townend and having formed a whole new band (see above), people’s Ray Bans have started to fog up. With a brand spanking EP in hand, ‘In With the New Saxons’ – dropping in early 2010 but with a 3 track teaser slipping under doorways near you and having recently supported Kram, Sparkadia, The Jezebels, Dukes of Windsor and played main stage at MS Fest, New Saxons are coming to pillage near you, but at least you know they’ve got clean undies now.


Dance Hall

Written By: Timothy Green

When I see her freckled face walking down the street
I tell her I ain’t gonna change ain’t gonna give up my seat
She says that can wait
She says that can wait
I said please nobody knows me better than me
and if I could speak openly you’re better off leaving

Her shoes don’t fit cause she bought them online
and her hairs un-kept most of the time
and I’m not adverse to taking her for a ride

You gotta dance slow on the dance hall
and when she falls short you gotta show heart
and when she’s distraught
you gotta take her home with you

And on the ride home she’s heart broke prone
and the wrong words they’re like a spark
in the dry grass near her daddy’s country farm
Yeah, would could lose everything

Every time we meet she always dresses so neat
and me I’m in my jeans in which sometimes I sleep
Dinners at eight
and I’m running late
And I plead the only reason that you’re with me is
I’m a modern Casanova with a suburban theme

And I’m insufferable
when I’m dead comfortable
then I saw someone like you

As A Writer

Written By: Timothy Green

As a life couch I was sub-par
and as a friend I never listened much
As a writer always been slow
still I remember why you told me to go

‘Cos I don’t read the books that I used to
and I never get to bed before two or three
And we don’t go out like we used to
no we don’t go out like we used to

Where you find it is on no chart
and finding me well that’s no easy task
Your best bet is a shot in the dark
because you said that we were gone from the start

And when a body gets old the heart will roam
and then a heartbeat comes to break this stone
Like a tornado blows the car back home.


New Saxons E.P. 2009
In With The New Saxons E.P. 2010

Set List

Typically New Saxons perform for 45-50 minutes. All songs performed are originals.