New School Dropouts

New School Dropouts


A five-piece crew from Florida's east coast blends Reggae, Rock, Dub, Surf, Funk and Dancehall that's sure to make your head bounce! Wailing trombone and flares of light hip-hop showcase the New School Dropouts' ability to break out of the rock-genre barrier.


The New School Dropouts infuse reggae overtones with a new-rock movement searching for deeper, head-bouncing bass grooves and soulful, conscious lyricism. Wailing, in-your-face trombone licks add a standout dimension to their sound, and flares of light hip-hop showcase the New School Dropouts' ability to break out of the rock-genre barrier. Fans of Sublime appreciate the New School Dropouts' rock-steady and dancehall rhythms. Their harmonious lyrical exchange and chomping guitar distortion are compared to the likes of 311, and the New School Dropouts' seamless transition to roots reggae draws inspiration from many reggae legends such as Bob Marley.

Formed in 2003, this "rock-a-dub" crew from Florida's east coast sparks with high energy and good vibes in the midst of their laidback, beachside lifestyle. When hurricanes destroyed 3 member's houses in 2004, the New School Dropouts never put down their instruments. Their music provided an escape from the reality of loss and fueled their drive to rock more house parties and venues throughout Florida. In 2005, they received airplay on Orlando's rock station 105.9FM and were named O-Rock's Band of the Week. In 2006, the New School Dropouts won bids to play at the Atlantis Music Fest Showcase in Atlanta and the Florida Music Festival in Orlando. Later that year, Eastern Surf Magazine selected their album Bring Back Shaka as the "Pick of the Month", and their growing popularity in Florida was solidified when the song "Tragic Dub" was added to Orlando's 101.1FM WJRR's nightly rotation. Additionally, the New School Dropouts provide a stamp of professionalism as rock-reggae artists having performed with reggae legends Damian Marley, Third World, Toots and the Maytals, UB40 and Inner Circle.

The New School Dropouts' debut album Bring Back Shaka was released in 2006 and features 16 original tracks. The word "shaka", a Hawaiian term often used by surfers, means "everything's cool". Armed with an energetic live show, Bring Back Shaka should prove to be a powerful weapon as the New School Dropouts mobilize and prepare to bring their music to the people…so tune in and dropout!


Tragic Dub

Written By: Andy Middleton & Michael Lipsky

I left you in the rain
I'm trying to say I'm sorry for this.
I left you in such pain
And now they say police are coming after me.
I hurt you and your soul
It's something I regret, circumstancial chance,
I hope to see you one day, one day.

Mister mister mister! Can't you see
The circumstances lined all up on me.
I never wanted to hurt or kill no one, no one no one
Rude Boy! Pushing up on me
I had to fight for my security
And now I run from the authority
But I hope to see you one day again
Yes I hope to see you one day again
Yeah yeah one way some say never been a better day
Yes I hope to see you one day again

I'm sorry!
They rudie rudie in the style of a rudie boy!
Suffocating they break your body like a toy.
Them rudie boys, Them rudie boys (Whoa-oh!)
Step back and relax speak in a lower voice
They rudie rudie in the style of a rudie boy!
So take a stand and demand cause love is not a choice.

Please send a message to my girl
Bring her a message tell her I'm sorry

One More Time

Written By: New School Dropouts

Verse 1:

I’m a victim of the riddim of her body chemistry,
Emergency broadcast test the 2-3.
Transmits a tight grip kung fu like Bruce Lee
Referee ring the bell for round three

She’s an addiction like smokin’ up a cigarette,
She’s a blackjack hand that you can’t forget.
Hell yeah we gots problems, lovin ain’t one of them,
Giving it to her one more time this Don Juan delightsome.

She makes it really hard for me to move on,
The buttons on my shirt gone tugging on my doggy bone.
She makes it hard for me to leave, speaking physically,
She’s a case of our human race dependency,

One more time,
Rendevous with me two more times,
Bittersweet it’s three more times,
Out the door it’s four more times (ha ha, ya know)

So my mind went blank from the loneliness,
Next thing I’m waking up like who the fuck is this.
Aw damn, I did it again with an old girlfriend
Taking a rollercoaster ride into a black abyss.

Yeah one more time.
Whoa, One more time
So hit that, quit that, don’t press rewind,
One more time.

Bridge (x4):
One more time, let me clear my mind

Verse 3:
I’m back at the cribal at two thirteen, I’m
Full of love but I’m feeling empty, So I
Phone call lodi da for a Mardi Gras,
Once again back is the incredible.

Kick my hat back confident (in a zone)
Al Capone or the president (do they know)
Bigger than dollars, bigger than white collars,
An addiction to a lady consuming everyone of us.

Old Friend

Written By: New School Dropouts

Verse 1:
Hey my old friend where have you been
It's been so long since I've seen your face
Hey my old friend hang for a while
Cause I'm like a child afraid to be alone

Ain't it foolish ain't it crazy
the way life has drug us apart
Cause I'm in the dark
without your life here in my life

Long time ago call you my best friend
Get your friendship back get your friendship back

Verse 2:
Hey my old friend let's start again
Let's pick back up where we left off
Memories come back like yesterday
Waters have flown underneath the bridge

Got your back in a tight situation
Never collect expect denomination
For them peps who specak bubonic plague
Believe it believe it we're altercating
Go! Go! Go! Go!


Written By: New School Dropouts

I have been a witness (I have been a witness to Jah)
to the violence (the violence yo it left me a scar)
It has brought a darkness (this darkness deep inside of my brain)
to my soul (maintain, maintain ourlove)

Verse 1:
All my friends when they see me they hide from me
They know I believe what the eyes can’t see
Everyday we are fighting a war it is not of the flesh and blood form
It is a war for the principality

Verse 2:
Hold up you shield of faith, unveil your sword of truth
Put on the armor of Jah and no man can defeat you
Lift your eyes to Zion (lift you eyes!)

Bridge 1:
You know that I have been a witness to the violence in my soul

Bridge 2:
Be wise!
Open up your eyes, be wise!
Don’t get hypnotized, be wise!
Open up your eyes, be wise!


"Bring Back Shaka" - Independent - Released 2006 (see Photos for album cover)

Track Listing:
Bring Back Shaka
Tragic Dub
Ras DJ
Divided Dub
Old Friend
One More Time
Highway 101
Monster Hole
Suddenly Smilin
Tragic Dub (emprov remix)

Set List

The New School Dropouts perform original songs, generally one set for 45 -90 minutes. If required, the band can perform 2 sets - 1 hour each. They might include one or two cover songs per set from artists like Sublime, G. Love, Bob Marley or the Chili Peppers.