New Science System

New Science System

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Our influences range from White Zombie to Helmet to general weirdness. You'll hear these influences but you'll be able to tell it's original music. We aren't trying to be huge, we just want people to hear what we are doing. It's heavy but not too heavy. There's something for most people to enjoy.


We started this band in 2006 with an idea. The idea was to play what we wanted, the way we wanted. Patrick and Cameron got together with Austin and Casey and formed a decidedly monstrous direction. Steve joined the group after the second album and it opened up our sound tremendously. Patrick went from playing drums to playing guitar and it solidified everything.
We wanted our music to represent the golden age of monsters in a sense. Remember when you were 13 and the Creature Feature would be on some random channel at some random time? It would be some hokey host like Sivad being creepy and scary and then some old black and white movie would start. That's the feeling we want to convey with our music. With our main influences being White Zombie, Helmet, and old scary movies, we think we've accomplished this. By having a DJ it provides some interesting elements that aren't normally found in metal. Cameron uses anything he can to generate a sound and distort/contort it to our liking.
Our music changes from album to album but that's us trying to keep the ideas and music fresh. We are constantly improving our sound adding any element we can.
Our second album is, and will be, different from any other album we will do. It was an experiment of massive proportions for us. Essentially it's one long song representing different stages of dreaming. Each track flows into the next much like the dream state. We used so many records and sounds and samples and effects and we didn't think it would ever come together properly.
We used everything from Bernstein to Martian Chronicles to Phillip Glass to Charlie Mingus to.......well....there's just too much to list. This album is not one you can listen to in your car on a leisurely journey. It should be listened to in it's entirety during a long drive or a lazy day at your house with the stereo turned up to 11....or 4 if you have thin walls.
Our newest album will feature songs dedicated to movie monsters of an era of black and white perfection. Look for it soon!



31- 2007
Nocturne - 2008
Fiends - 2012
You can listen to any of these on our website.