new skool kings

new skool kings


We are the New Skool Kings from OC California stirring shit up and bearing the torch for the next generation of OC Punk Rock.


OC California
16 - 19 years old with experience far beyond their years influenced by our OC Punk Rock forefathers
and many other bands. We have been locked in our garage for years with the same members working on our music. We do not pretend to be anything other than what we are which is "for real".

We let others write our BIO.

Dececmber 2008

"Live shows mean everything to me. Some of my favorite bands I would not pay 50 cents to see, but New Skool Kings cuts through the hazy, stale and stagnate musical climate by capturing and exploiting the youthful energy and attitude they possess. And they do it with with a natural fervor, not once appearing choreographed or rehearsed".

Mark Adkins
GUTTERMOUTH 12/18/2008


"The days first act was NEW SKOOL KINGS, a punk outfit from orange County who are new to the scene. The lead singer, vaguely muscular, shirtless, loud and still in the clutched of puberty, screamed his way through a ten song set, but he never seemed off key and you could distinguish his words. they were more than competent and had some flair. They blasted through songs with nary a word in between and gave off a real sense of personality. Their witty and mosh friendly chord progression kept things moving while Chad yelled about dogs on ant-depressants and getting "more beer". THEY MAY BE YOUNG AS INDIVIDUALS, AND A BAND, BUT THEY SHOWED MORE RAW ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM THAN BANDS THAT HAVE BEEN AROUND TEN TIMES AS LONG".


NEW SKOOL KINGS is focused on bearing the torch for Orange Counties next generation of Punk Rock Bands.

At the ripe old ages of 16 -19, NSK has played support for Guttermounth, AGENT ORANGE, US BOMBS, SMUT PEDDLERS, DUANE PETERS GUNFIGHT, THE BRIGGS, PISTOL GRIP, THE TONE JUNKIES and many more talented bands. This band already has an impressive resume and they back it up and strengthen it at every show. Actions speak louder than words, come and see for yourself.


Here to Stay

Written By: Chad Ludy / Ricki Kincer

Somethings wrong aint nothing going to change
Don't back down just yell out all your rage
your accusation trying to hold me down
come against me your going to hit the ground
We are the youth can't push us away
we are the punks we're here to stay


Ain't never gonna go away
we're here to stay
Sick of all the trash telling us who to be
changing our lives conforming to society
what this world need is a slap in the face
got to wake up from this rat race


Written By: Chad Lundy / Ricki Kincer

They want you to become
someone your not Erasing and destroying all of your thoughts
Say what you want but be very cautious
They might shit their pants
and send you to the Principals office
"repeat x2"
Do what you want but it don't mean shit to me, Your just a teacher you have no authority, Kick me out of class cause
I'm having fun, oh look there's Stellmar
"Oh ya you better run X3"
How come the youth has no freedom, can say all we want but we just can't beat um, You think they care, oh what the heck, it's a bunch of bullshit, they just want a pay check


Debut album "Here to Stay" 2/08 13 tracks
Produced by Keri Kelli of Alice Cooper and Scott Sheldon of Guttermouth
5song sampler EP
Music Video for Song "Authority" in Costa Rica

Set List

Set list changes with the amount of time we are privileged to play. Normally 30-45 minutes. Set list will consist of about 80% originals and 20% covers.
Typical set list
Here to stay.......NSK
Illegal to Walk....NSK
Something from Sublime
More Beer..........NSK
Black Flag...Rise Above
Don't Belong......NSK
Guttermouth, pennywise or offspring cover
Skate Song........NSK
Drunken Night...NSK
NSK Anthem......NSK

Bands we cover.........Offspring, Pennywise, Guttermouth, Sublime, Black Flag and others. We have many we can pull out.

Of course the set list changes every show and we are capable of cleaning up the foul words if needed.