New Skool Spirit

New Skool Spirit

 Frederick, Maryland, USA
BandHip HopChristian

Creative, Clever and Charismatic, Gods word in true hip hop form... in other words "Supernaturally Average"


"Supernaturally Average" is the phrase that New Skool Spirit uses to describe themselves. Formed in late 2007 by best friends turned ministry leaders Lorenzo Nichols Jr (aka Stitch Early) and Mark Billups Jr. (aka Shamgar Phoenix), the mission of New Skool Spirit was to win souls through the form of Hip Hop. God has immensely gifted both Stitch and Shamgar with spiritual guidance, amazing lyrical prowess and song writing ability. “Through the merging of the word of God and hip hop, rock, alternative, and many other genres of music will we reach both the lost and found” says Stitch Early. “Spiritual, fun, colorful, diverse, controversial, and ambassadors of world music” describes Shamgar Phoenix. Not only have they been blessed with musical talents, but also teaching, counseling, and fashion. For the last three years they have taught a Rap Workshop at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, VA. They have also branched into fashion with clothing companies ICON NATN and GLORY PARQ. Also, Duper Hype Media, a company consisting of beat production, graphic/web design and management. New Skool Spirit moves when and where God says, not being shaken by what people may think or say. These are the factors that set them apart and keep them out of the box. They have recently released their Debut EP entitled "THE QUANTUM". Their single "JESUS FREAK" has become a fan favorite, opening many doors for them. Continue to watch, listen and pray because you will be hearing a lot more from New Skool Spirit. "We will continue to feed the people, Gods people, and all people” says New Skool Spirit. They ask that you pray their strength in the Lord and they will continue to do the same for you.


Sampler - NSS2 Sampler - 2008

Mixtape - Good Morning Arizona - 2009

EP- The Quantum - 2010
Singles: "Jesus Freak"