Newspaper Taxi

Newspaper Taxi


High-energy guitar-driven Rock'n'Roll, with Melody, and her sister Harmony. We're moved by music, and we want to see people move TO our music. Nobody needs to hear how tough life can be, and there's not enough time in a three minute song to be sullen.


There is something undeniably sexual about music, and Newspaper Taxi revels in the similarities. As much passion as there is in a sweaty-palmed first date, it's also in a sweaty-shirted night out dancing to tunes. So why wouldn't you want to write about the things that get up and move you in order to… well, get up and MOVE you?

"Yeah, threesomes, polygamy, the initial adrenaline rush of a dirty kiss stolen in a sweaty club, it's all there in our songs," says vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ari Simon. "But it's the basis for how energetic our music is. If all those things get your heart beating a bit faster, then it's the perfect compliment to high-energy rock and roll."

Which is exactly how to describe Newspaper Taxi. Unapologetically energetic and passionate, all they seem to really want to do is move you. Not emotionally, PHYSICALLY. However, how Newspaper Taxi excels is in evoking these themes without resorting to songs full of the standard rock clichés and repeated screaming of the word "GIRLS!"

"I like to be a bit more subtle than that," says bassist/vocalist Dan Desveaux, "after all, what's the point of being able to write songs about stuff if you can't have a little fun with words?"

Clearly, fun is an important part of music in the opinion of Newspaper Taxi. Even in the songs with quiet or slower parts, you seem to be confronted with a slithery bass line or clever guitar lick that still makes you tap your feet. Melodies and harmonies battle for attention until you're not sure who's singing lead. Choruses are repeated not out of mindless repetition, but because sometimes, it just feels better to sing something twice. Loudly.

Comprised of Simon, Desveaux, lead guitarist Paul Irving, and drummer Krist Ladva, Newspaper Taxi have been honing their songs and showmanship to sweaty, happy audiences, all in preparation for their next step. Having just recorded three songs for a mini-EP with Saam Hashemi (The Miniatures, The Marble Index), Newspaper Taxi are currently and frantically preparing for a full-length album brimming with impassioned songs, designed to move you.

In your underwear, around your bedroom.

[Any requests please contact Dan at 647.295.3454]


Untitled ep-length CD (dubbed the “Numbers ep”)
Self-produced with Saam Hashemi, 2006
Track Listing:
• #3
• 7 Days
• 1000 Reasons
[In advance of an up-coming, as-yet-untitled full-length CD to be released in 2007]

“Shut Up & Listen” full-length CD
(Titled “Things I’ve Been Wanting To Say” prior to production release)
Self-produced, 2005
Track Listing:
• Thanks For Asking
• Bad Attitude
• Zoara
• Sweet Ambrosia
• All This Is Real
• Outta My Mind
• Shut Up and Listen
• Fallen
• You're So Pretty
• Last Night in Town
• Next Time
• Not Talkin' Forever

“Meeting With Myself” ep-length CD
Self-produced with Michael Hanson, 2004
Track Listing:
• Sweet Ambrosia (different recording than on “Shut Up & Listen”)
• Fallen (same recording as on “Shut Up & Listen”)
• The Weather
• Stops & Sputters
[In advance of “Shut Up & Listen”]

Set List

We have enough material to perform over 90 minutes onstage. Our preferred set consists of 9-12 songs, usually including one cover, and sometimes a few snippets of other popular songs slipped into / between our own songs. Past covers have included “She Said” (The Beatles), “Rockin' In The Free World” (Neil Young), "Message in a Bottle" (The Police), “Hungry Like The Wolf” (Duran Duran), “Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond) – and just about anything else we can put our own fingerprint on. Our original songs range in length from two and a half minutes to around five minutes.