40 Foot Journey

40 Foot Journey


We are about the music, about the feeling, about the mood, and about the temperment that music inflames. We uniquely blend our musical tastes into a classic form of rock, with a sort of blues base, and a splash of the alternative style.


3 friends at a high school in Aurora who indulged themselves in music came to the conclusion to start a band. It has been a year of improvement and being able to find our own way of expressing ourselves in a way we love. We play all sorts of music, ranging from soulful blues, to outright rock. Soon the band grew to 5 members, and became complete. Some of our influences consist mainly of a rock background and go farther back into the blues era, with artists such as Eric Clapton.


Ode to Rock
Nothing to Lose

Set List

The Sentinel - 5 min.
Unprepared - 7 min.
Once Upon a Time (cover) - 5 min.
Angel in a Black Dress - 5 min
Nothin' to Lose - 3 min.
Thrill is Gone (cover) - 5 min
River Flows - 5 min.
While my Guitar Gently Weeps (cover) - 7 min.
Dream of Reality - 5 min.
Blues Circle - 7 min.