New Street Adventure

New Street Adventure


Presenting the Soulful, the Sensational...New Street Adventure

Blue Eyed Soul that Keeps and Spreads The Faith


We call New Street Adventure's sound Blue Eyed Soul. By that, it illustrates that their music comes from a real passion and understanding of classic soul structure and melody matched with a fresh and young approach that makes this great genre accessible to a whole new audience. The term also evokes venerability; which New Street Adventure's songs are generally about and also the state of the Northern Soul Scene, which the band want to be part of saving and promoting.

Unlike other artists, such as Plan B, who the real soul crowd see as being a pretender and fake, New Street Adventure have been fully embraced.

The E.P was produced by the Godfather of British Soul, Noel McKoy, who has this to say about the band:

"As soon as I heard New Street Adventure’s songs I knew we could create something special; a new chapter in soul.

Nick, the band’s leader, captures the angst and passion of all of the great soul singers of the past but delivers his vocal in a fresh and exciting way.

Their inherited love for soul shines through their music, with masterful attention to detail giving the classic arrangements a distinctly modern edge.

So here it is, the new way to listen to soul music! The sensational New Street Adventure are Just The Kind Of People to make this thing last…"


Just The Kind Of People E.P:

The Caring Few
The Big A.C
Nicky's Needs
Forever Unmasked

Set List

Band includes:

Main Vox/Guitar
Horns x 2
2 x BV