New Style Dynamite

New Style Dynamite


New Style Dynamite is a 4 piece collective based on the explosive potential of mixing various musical genres with style, swagger and high energy.


New Style Dynamite is a Toronto based 4 piece that fuses elements of Funk and Rock with the fundamentals of Soul and Hip Hop. The result is an infectious sound that is saturated with heavy grooves, tight rhythms and solid hooks.

Influenced by everything from George Clinton and The Meters to Rage Against the Machine and The Beastie Boys, New Style Dynamite delivers a brand of organic funk that combines style and swagger with explosive live performances… a full on assault that compels listeners to get up and move.

The history of the band is quite simple. Ajay (Guitar) and Paul (Drums) met years ago playing together in Zuul's Evil Disco, where they first began experimenting with the melding of musical genres. With a shared passion for Funk music, New Style Dynamite was conceived in early 2007 when they added the aggressive low end of Dave (Bass) and the charismatic stylings of Tyler (Vocals) later that year.

The band recently spent time in the studio recording a 3 song EP and are planning to record a full length album at the end of the year. Until then, New Style Dynamite continues to spread their philosophy "You can't get down, if you don't know what's up".


"Triple Fantastic" 3 song EP

Set List

Set lists are always changing... here is a list of songs we often perform:

The Dirty
Ghetto Swanky
Hypocrite Boogie
Right On Time
That Girl
Monster Stomp
The Creep
Slap Me Some Skin

Set times can be anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes depending on what is required.