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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Nashville, TN | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Rock




"new threads - "America""

Generally, I steer clear of any kind of music labeled “groovy.” That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a song that has a groove but there’s something about directly identifying your music as “groovy” that raises alarms for me. So, when the new single from New Threads starts with the line “This is as groovy as it gets!” I was prepared for a short preview.

Fortunately, we keep things positive around here and if I hadn’t enjoyed the track I wouldn’t be writing about it. Admittedly, the first chunk of the song has a basic “groove” to it that could get lost in your mental shuffle but the band opts for a much more grandiose release when the chorus rolls around. It’s that juxtaposition of the light verse paired against the more emotional catharsis of the exploding guitar chorus that gives the whole song some weight.

Groovy trepidations aside, the band successfully managed to make a song that would work as well at a frat party as it would at The End. - We Own This Town

"new threads - "House Show""

New Threads have just released one of the most interesting visual aids in their catalog yet with the new single "House Show", a diss in disguise as a dedication to the band's own DIY scene

Ever since New Threads came onto the scene in 2017 with Death in the Afternoon, diss tracks haven't been very absent from the band's catalog. With their first album came the cult hit "Fraternity King", which was about drummer Justin Siegel's freshman year of college roommate. On the last record, smaller disses were made here and there with "Alcohol" and "California Bound", and even this summer the band took a risky route with the single "Monuments" (counterparting a similarly-titled SMLES song that was never released). So now, New Threads return with the diss track to end all diss tracks, on which they name drop Murfreesboro locals The Schwa and Daydream Mayhem (the same band that they stole former bassist Daniel Suarez from), and the album cover even features a Google Earth snapshot of famed Murfreesboro house venue Dad's Garage.

The duct-tape kingdom found in the fast-paced lyric video help us through the plethora of lyrics in this cut, including references to SIDEONEDUMMY artist Rozwell Kid and the large scene of Straight Edge Vegans in the Nashville area. The song was recorded at Pink Hat Studios in Nashville, TN, and rumors are starting to fly about whether or not the band is at work on a new album. While the band denies any claims of a new album (especially following the overnight success of "Alone, Leave Me"), but it seems that behind their current live schedule the band could be recording a third LP. - Pink Hat Records

"new threads - "Alone, Leave Me""

Spotify featured our single "Alone, Leave Me" on three of their major playlists along with the release of the song in July 2018; New Music Friday (3M followers), Punk Unleashed (300k followers), and New Punk Tracks (500k followers). As of December 2018, it still appears in Punk Unleashed. - Spotify


Bootleg EP #1
January 20, 2017
©2017 Mesa Dog Records/Pink Hat Publishing, LLC

1. I Want To Go Home (Acoustic)
2. Where Do We Go From Here? (Acoustic)
3. Next Year (Acoustic)
4. Fly Away (Acoustic)

Death In The Afternoon
March 24, 2017
©2017 Mesa Dog Records/Pink Hat Publishing, LLC

1. I Want To Go Home
2. 18 Years
3. Calvin Klein
4. Fraternity King
5. I Can't Stop Loving You
6. Where Do We Go From Here?
7. 11
8. The City
9. Fly Away
10. I Need Another Year

May 11, 2018
©2018 Pink Hat Records

1. Alcohol
2. Body
3. Money
4. Stay Away
6. Long Ride
7. Now & Then
8. Wisconsin
9. California Bound
10. Growing Pains
11. Peach

Felonious Wilma
January 1, 2019
©2019 Pink Hat Records

1. I Don't Care About My Neighbors Anymore
2. America
3. House Show
4. The Bread
5. Alone, Leave Me
6. Bubble
7. Monuments
8. Strawberry Shake



Founded in the Fall of 2016, new threads was started by Jacob Keplinger and Justin Siegel, with a will to write an album together. Throughout the fall and through the winter, they wrote what would become the first album by new threads. On March 24, 2017, new threads released their debut full-length, "Death In The Afternoon," and on May 11, 2018, they released a follow-up that was self-titled. Jake Burdock and Eric Chalifour were added to play live and ended up solidifying the band's lineup in time for their third LP in 2019.

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