New Tide Orquesta

New Tide Orquesta

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE
BandPopAdult Contemporary

New Tide Orquesta have, on six albums and a countless number of international tours, developed their unique sound and style; the miscellaneous mix of modern chamber music, minimalism, new tango and free improvisation. They have learned to enjoy the role of the perpetual outsider and they always take the audience by storm wherever they come!



NEW TIDE ORQUESTA began in 1996 and set about experimenting with newly composed music resulting in the debut album The New Tango Orquesta released in 1998. The album was followed by tours and gigs around Sweden. Because of the regeneration and development within the genre of tango music, they were invited in 1999 to partake in various festivals in Uruguay and Argentina, both homelands of tango. In Buenos Aires they performed at the Centro Astor Piazzolla, where they were met by standing ovations and open arms. Their newly composed material was above all received with joy, and enthusiasm for the fact that the genre was still alive and well.

The second album Part II was released in 2000 and critically acclaimed all around the world. With this followed a great many gigs around Sweden and the band were invited by the media mogul Artemy Troitsky, to do a tour in Russia. This meant several engagements in Moscow as well as an appearance on the TV-show Anthropology, which was making a program especially for NTO. In 2001 NTO did their first tour in Germany including concerts in Berlin and Potsdam. In spring the same year Swedish Radio aired a concert recorded live in 2001. In 2003 double bass player Josef Kallerdahl joined the group. Again they toured in Russia and Germany, visiting rock clubs in Moscow och St Petersburg and jazz clubs and art galleries in Germany.

In 2004 the band went to Turkey for the first time, making preformances in Istanbul, Diyrbakir and Malatya. They also recorded music for the TV-thriller The return of the dancing teacher (Henning Mankell) where they contributed with Mute (from Bestiario) as the films main theme. One could also hear their music in the theatre production Arma Irma (Staffan Gthe) at Hagateatern and in the award winning short film Ryppar. The new material was recorded and resulted in the grammy nominated album Bestiario which was released in the spring of 2005. During that period NTO managed to fit in two tours of Germany, put together by the German management company Nordpool performing in Berlin, Lbeck, Hamburg, Bremen and Freiburg among others. In connection with these tours the band also appeared in Copenhagen, Denmark and Luxembourg. In the summer of 2005 NTO toured Turkey again and made performances in Istanbul, Kayseri and Kars. They also made a tour in Germany where they performed at the Traumzeit-festival. In September NTO performaned in Dublin at the Fringe festival, as well as the World Music Festival in Oslo, Norway. The band also appeared as the final act in the Swedish radios Musikstad Gteborg with a live-broadcasted show. In 2006 New Tango Orquesta made tours in Norway, Germany and China.

In 2007, NTO became a sextet when the extraordianary cello player Johanna Dahl joined the group. Later that year and during 2008 NTO toured Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine and China. In a crowded auditorium in the concert hall October Palace in Kiev, Ukraine, NTO made one of their most intense and magic concerts during 2008. The performance was recorded by Victor Ovchinnikov, and NTOs fourth album The Kiev Concert was released in the spring of 2009. It gained the best critic of all albums released in Sweden during 2009, according to the Swedish site During that same period NTO recorded their next studio album Vesper. The sound field was broaden and inspired Per to make new musical ideas and compositorial experiments. In connection to the releases they made tours in Germany, Sweden and, again China. In China NTO made performances in the big concert halls of Beijing, Guanzhou, Shanghai among others.

In 2010 New Tango Orquesta visited China for the third time.This time mainly for a performance at the huge national theatre in Beijing. A part from that NTO toured Germany and Sweden. In November 2010 NTO released a book with sheet music, photos from the touring and poetry inspired by the compositions. In 2011 NTO made the music for and took part in a musictheatre play called Sisyfos - back on top together with director Peder Bjurman and actor Lars Bethke.


Premiere for award winning documentaries Searching for Sugarman and Future My Love. Both movies contain music by the band. Searching for Sugarman is nominated for an Oscar. An hour-long music documentary with the band is broadcasted in Swedsih National Television, which gives the band an even greater reputation as a developing live act in their home country. NTO changes to New Tide Orquesta. Per Strobys new music, nowadays very much inspired by minimalism and classical genres, is released on HOOB records in October 2012. The new album is called How To Climb A Mountain, receives fantastic reviews in Swedish media and Per Storby wins the price for composer of the year at the Manifest-awards in February 2013.


 The New Tango Orquesta (Imogena 1998)
 Part II (Imogena 2000)
 Bestiario, New Tango Orquesta (Xource 2005)
 The Kiev Concert (Hoob Records 2009)
 Vesper  (Hoob Records 2009)
 How To Climb A Mountain (Hoob Records 2012)

Next album "Live In Rio" will be released in the Autumn of 2014

Set List

New Tide Orquesta performs 1 set 35 to  90 minutes, or 2 sets 45 minutes each (encores ad lib).