New Town Drunks

New Town Drunks

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

They have been described as New Vaudeville, Rock and Roll Cabaret, Stream of Consciousness Folk Rock, a musical Bonnie and Clyde and other less clear descriptions. At the core is the show-stopping voice and stage presence of lead singer and the versatile Spanish guitar of Roberto Cofresi.


"Chapel Hill’s New Town Drunks are musical vagabonds whose members have lived in New York, Texas, Mexico, Detroit and Puerto Rico prior to putting down roots in North Carolina. Many musical acts claim to defy categorization or classification but New Town Drunks are one of the few outfits that can truly claim that brass ring, having forced music journalists to coin monikers as diverse as nu-vaudeville, rock and roll cabaret and stream of consciousness folk rock to try to capture their rich, eclectic sound.

"It is difficult to do justice in print to how beautifully and elegantly New Town Drunks construct their songs. Both musically and lyrically, this is a band that knows how to build a song, displaying a level of both imagination and ambition almost unheard of from any corner of popular music. Fortunately, they also have the technical chops to pull off these ambitious compositions, routinely executing sudden changes in tempo and style that would destroy less talented outfits.

"It seems that every music journalist who has covered New Town Drunks has taken a stab at a convoluted, improbable analogy that attempts to convey the full flavor of this very diverse and incredibly talented band. So, taking my crack at it, I would offer that a New Town Drunks show is reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra fronting The Animals for a cabaret-rock show at a small, smoky club you’ve always looked for but have never been able to find."
Jon Black - Awaiting the Flood


- Going (Tiny Canvas Records, live EP, 2011)
- The Ballad of Stayed and Gone (Hmm Records, LP, 2009)
- Ed, a Disclexington Compilation (Disclexington Productions, V/A, 2007)
- alive & drunk (Hmm Records, live EP, 2006)
- trust us with your car (Hmm Records, EP, 2005)
- Lost (Hmm Records, single, 2004)

Set List

We mostly play songs from our last record with a few songs from previous records and an occasional cover here and there. Our set can comfortably vary between 45 and 90 minutes, but multiple sets are possible as well.