New Tribal Revolution

New Tribal Revolution


New Tribal Revolution is retro folk rock with a touch of grunge. Superb songwriting backed by eclectic harmonies and soul felt guitar is what separates NTR. From melodic ballads to get up and dance rockers, NTR shows their talent and diversity on their debut album "Chatting with Ego".


The New Tribal Revolution has a unique acoustic folk rock sound. Fueled by Christian Adam's original melodies and driving chords, the band has created a sound all its own. Dividing their time between writing songs and playing live venues, whether it be in a local tavern or at the CMJ Music Festival, New Tribal Revolution's melodic harmonies and driving rhythm section of Josh Deuel and Mark Seidel always leave a lasting impression. Newest addition, Rusty Pharris, brings this band together with his soul felt lead guitar. With a library of diverse original music, New Tribal Revolution is making their way onto the music scene.



Written By: Christian Adams


Sometimes, sometimes I feel like I’m fading away
And that’s all I wanted to say
Is I feel like I’m fading

Here I am again playing the same damn part
Every time I try to leave they pull me all apart

Every turn is wrong
My hope is all but gone
All I got that’s left is this song

Sometimes, sometimes I feel like I’m falling away
Staying in my bed today
Is I feel like I’m falling

Then some guy tells me to cherish everyday
How can I with the fire and the flames
Always blowing my way

I try to keep them down
Turn my head and my soul around
I think I need to dig this ground

Sometimes, sometimes I feel like that I’ll make my way
If I look how far I’ve come today
I feel like that I’ll make my way

© 2005 New Tribal Revolution

Good Friends

Written By: Christian Adams

Good Friends

Where have all my good friends gone?
Where have all my good friends gone?
I don’t know
Making lives and families so

I’m left here all alone
Staring at these blank walls
Trying to find out
Where it was I missed my call

But I can’t get up
God I love my crutch
Keeps me in my groove
And I never move

Where have all my girlfriends gone?
Where have all my girlfriends gone?
I left their plan
Said they need a commitment man

Now I know how lonely feels
All I’m left with is time to heal
I’m tired of time
As I watch my life fly by

This is every day
I’ll never find my way
Storm is rolling in
And I’ll be swamped again

When will this feeling end? (repeat)

My life is, lifeless
She tells me about my insipidness
I can’t believe how right on she is

The old pals, coming home now
When all I want to do is get out
Just need to find the best route

Where have all my good friends gone? (repeat)

©2005 New Tribal Revolution

Chatting with Ego

Written By: Christian Adams

Chatting with Ego

How long have you been there?
How long have you been running my life?

I don’t know what you want
Can’t believe didn’t see you all this time

I can reason with you
But can you really reason with your mind?

And now I’m facing all this stuff
Made some wrong decisions
I’ve been following you
Like you been my best
Like you been my best friend

There goes some more eye candy
Should I risk it all on one night
Oh she seems so lovely
She seems oh so lovely and so (nice)

Are you really with me?
Or Are you against all that is right?
All this instant pleasure
Is starting to drain my soul of light

Now I feel like I’m losing my mind
I don’t know who’s in control you or I
I don’t know who’s

He tells me to get quiet
That’s the only way to subdue you
And really be honest
And I’ll start to hurt and so will you (and you’ll start to die)

I don’t know if I can go through this again (this one more time)
Sort of like being along for the ride

And let you run my
And let control my
And let you be my life

© 2005 Christian Adams


Chatting with Ego- EP

All songs can be heard at:

Set List

We play over 20 originals and countless covers.
We play from 2-4 hrs depending on the gig.
We play covers from The Dead, Neil Young, Dylan, and Marley to Jack Johnson, Men at Work, Nick Drake and Dave Matthews.