New Vegas

New Vegas


Thanks for taking a look at New Vegas. We hope you enjoy our shish kebab of melody & harmony, rock & country, and apples & oranges.


New Vegas has been playing Ireland's live scene and writing songs for the last four or five years. However the current line up has been together for two years. We have played high profile shows such as Irelands Hard Working Class Heroes Festival and have supported bands such as The Thrills And The Zutons.

Our influences include the likes of The Super Furry Animals, The Stone Roses, The Band, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and Primal Scream. However we have taken some time to discover our own true sound. See what you think...


NA - Our latest demo can be listened to in the Audio section.

Set List

Our sets generally last between 25 and 45 minutes. You will here such songs as:

Teachers, Everybody Knows It, Sorted Out, The ballad of Jake, Sirens, The Red Brick, Watch Out etc...

We do like to play the odd cover... We've tried em all I'm sure at one point or another. Check out our influences in the biog section to get an idea.