New Violators

New Violators


The Missing Link Between 'Born To Run', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 'Let's Dance'


New Violators is a newly formed 5-piece from Trondheim, Norway, which, following an already legendary first show at Oslo’s Mono Club during Summer 2006, has quickly become THE name to drop in Norway. Armed with a sound situated somewhere between ‘Born to Run’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ and Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’, the band has already attracted the attention of various tastemakers including Pitchforkmedia’s Brandon Stosuy, who anointed them his favourite Norwegian find at one of this summer’s festivals.

Despite being young, the various band members hail from previously successful Norwegian bands. Driven by a collective desire to combine anthemic choruses with memorable live performances, they have already seen their limited edition self-released track ‘Burma’ rotated heavily on Norwegian radio.

Pitchfork is particularly impressed with lead singer Per Borten’s stage presence: “Borten was all over the place: He sang with a finger in his ear so he could hear better, waved his arms around like he was falling into a trance or a swoon. I was told time and time again over the weekend that Norwegians don't dance, but that night, people went ape shit.”

Following an extremely successful trip to SXSW (4 shows - the NME named them one of the 10 best new bands at the event) and NYC (3 sold-out shows) in March 2007, this year will see the band record their debut album and tour relentlessly across Europe and the US.