New Western Three

New Western Three


This band is built upon the joy and fun of creating music. The members of the band really like playing together.

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Looking out of the window

Written By: Anders Hakmar

Looking out of the window, walking out through the door.
Noticing things that are different not like they were before.
Cloads are floating much higher than the other day.
Everything is much brighter in a brand way.
In the street of the city people come and go.
All the life expectations to achieve some more.

Reading all of the headlines at the newspaper stand.
Wondring what they are saying, trying to understand.
Seems like there is a message that most things are bad.
And that you should not wait for good news to be had.
You come home in the evening sit down by the screen.
Watch the news dissertations, wonder what they mean.

Waking up the next morning, getting out of the bed.
Trying to clear all the memories from inside of your head.
Want to start up a new day, nothing on your mind.
Leaving yesterdays bad news just that far behind.
Things will get so much better slowly day by day,
when you view situations in a positive way.