New York Electric Piano

New York Electric Piano


New York Electric Piano explores the Fender Rhodes jazz-funk potential playing original music by pianist Pat Daugherty and anchored by jam master Aaron Comess of the Spin Doctors on drums and Tim Givens on bass, this band unleashes all the possibilities.


NYEP met in the downtown club scene of New York City and has been mesmerizing audiences since their first gig in 2003. Since then they've played the Fez, the Cutting Room, Joe's Pub, the Crash Mansion, Piano's, Sin-E, and Nightingale's. Their first release was all over the radio: as the#1 add for the CMJ report of March 17th 2004, breaking into the CMJ top 20 in April of 2004 and receiving favorable reviews from the national press. Later that year they released the raucous War Oracle, an exclamation point. In 2005 they signed with Midlantic Records to produce Citizen Zen, which the JazzTimes reviewed in their February 2006 issue, " Pat Daugherty, who leads the trio, knows how to unleash all aspects of the Rhodes. Together with drummer Aaron Comess and bassist Tim Givens they can explore everything from badass funk to walking blues to bebop." DownBeat writer of the year Bill Milkowski says " the trio grooves with crackling intensity and rare degree of group think". Audiences in NYC are revved up about the band's newest unreleased material, and you can sample it in the audio files of this press kit. Happy listening.


In The Beginning

Written By: Pat D NYEP

In the beginning
God created money
but after a while
the money grew lonely
so God created a banker
but after a while they got cold
so God created a tax shelter

What if we didn't have any money?
What if there were no money at all?
What if the banks began to crumble and fall?
Then there would be no poverty


New York Electric Piano- 2003
War Oracle- 2004
Citizen Zen- 2005

Set List

NYEP plays all original music . Here's some titles;
Functuation , Dancing Bear, Hipnosis, Blues in Full Moon, War is the New Peace, Wandering Star, Son of Thunderbolt, Once Upon a Time, Sattelite, Divine Corners, Bounce This Puppy, Democrazy, Citizen Zen
Weapons of Mass Distraction, Space Travel, Fender Rhode Island, Blues in Orbit, Thunderbolt, What Max Told Me. Drive the War, Central Parker, Sea Monster,
Tongue and Groove, Survival of the Fattest, So Be It,
Hot Springs, In The Beginning, Balladeer, 13th Street Hummingbird, Dreamboat, Miles Glorioso, Four White Men, Hidden Path, Glide, East Village Buffalo Puppy,
Under the Stars, Color Worship