New York versus London

New York versus London


New York versus London, the brainchild of New York-based U.K. transplant and Mixed Art Foundation/Morgans alum Neil Morgan, channels influences from Lennon to Beck via punk to create explosive acoustic pop with the heart of a poet. - Howard Stock, Bon Avante Records


Neil Morgan played in several bands in his native English homelands between 1999-2003
He moved to New York City in the summer of 2004 and led punk-noize-pop outfit Mixed Art Foundation to local notoriety. Morgan later co-founded The Morgans with Anne Morgan, Howard Stock and Chris Gerzbeck in what they described as a surf-rockabilly-disco-pop outfit.
Morgan finally decided to put his efforts into his solo project earlier this year and has been picking up momentum on the New York live circuit.
He plays a one-off promotional show in England next month (July 11th) with further dates to follow later this year. His favorite bands include Beatles, Beck, Bowie, Blur, Beastie Boys to name but a few and is always thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath as any of them.


New York versus London will put out an EP before the end of the summer, with the debut album expected winter2008/early2009.

Set List

Journeys (instrumental), Just Another Day, Sunday Mornin Blues, Singalong, Hotel Yoba, She Feels Fine, Fields of Fire, Bookstore, Isabel, Pay No Mind, Goodbye Jesus/Hello God, Press.Play.Exit, My Friend is Me.

Shows last anywhere between half hour and an hour