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The best kept secret in music


"Just to Bleed song review"

At first glance it is a good song, and it is even better when you listen it for a second time.

This track has several features that make it memorable, but on the other hand there are some evident elements that do not work on its behalf and/or need improvement.

Lyrics are simple, clear, and in good balance with the exploding energy of the music.

Another simple, clear and concrete element is the song structure - very good work! Every detail of the structure has a significant technical role, and is well balanced with the other song parts - at the right place, at the right time.
There's one thing, though not mandatory to use, that could positively influence the structure and improve the overall experience of the listener: after the guitar solo you could put a bridge leading to the Chorus, instead of the Chorus. There's a powerful charge of energy propagated through the song. As a moment of calm, the Bridge would offer a different listening feeling, and would further increase the emotional perception of the song energy. Again - it is not needed here, but you may want to consider the idea for other tunes.

One of the most powerful elements of this track is the dynamic construction. Created by the proper use of pauses, glissando, and rhythmic texture, the dynamics greatly contribute to the transmission of energy. Not only it helps to maintain the listeners attention, but it also nicely underlines the important moments in the track. Very good instrumental arrangement at the dynamic points - quite effective results!

The Chorus especially is where the dynamic can be fully appreciated. The explosion at the beginning is wisely elaborated combination of the rhythmic section with the vocals. Excellent! It will be a killer effect when recorded with the precision of performance and sound that can be achieved in a studio!
Good songwriting in Chorus and through the rest of the song - you did a nice job!

One major issue that is not clear (to me) is the choice of guitar sounds. It strongly reminds the 80's hard rock. If this is on purpose, fine. But then this new song cannot compete for a place between the commercial, or radiofriendly music of nowadays. The great 80' songs have been recorded in the ...80's. And I don't think you wanted to sound dated.
So, I would suggest not to use guitar processors, but the simple distorted sound of the amplifiers. Even a small combo has more powerful sound than a processor! You need the raw scream of the amplifier in order to achieve the powerful radio-ready guitar sound.
If you love the effects that a processor may add to your sound then I would recommend you to use them on top of the real sound. Choose carefully the effects and add them to the sound instead of making your sound out of the effects.

More about the guitar parts: those nice background chords in the Chorus can be even more pleasant and noticeable if they are in contrast with those in the Verse. There are at least two options - give'em a try during rehearsal:
1. Muted chords in eight notes (distorted guitar) for a nice beat in combination with drums; or
2. Chords in Arpeggio (possibly clean guitar or slightly processed).
Both ways will create a different sound picture than the one in the Chorus, and the Chorus itself (the strongest point in a track) will gain additioinal power.

Even more about the guitar parts: as you noticed, they are those that need enhancement. And seems that they both need improvement as execution as well. Am I wrong... or are you guys jumping a lot while playing?!

Very good ideas and songwriting in your songs (took the chance to listen more from your web site). The overall music ideas remind me some Metallica tracks, and the singer has common notes with the Green Days' vocalist. It might be a good combination of sound and style for Nexes...

Think on all of the above and consider it for a radio-friendly sound! Working in a recording studio will additionaly improve the sound!



Break Away


Feeling a bit camera shy


Out of the Prosthesis break up, bassist Brian Ledesma and singer/guitarist Adam King set out to bring back the real rock sound to Northeast Iowa. They soon looked to Matt Hallberg to fill an empty drummers void, and to Kory Fuerstenberg to kick in a little extra guitar. And so in March 2003, Nexes was formed. Within a few practices it was apparent that this group had something special. New songs sprang up nearly everyday, and were banged out to near perfection and were soon ready to play for crowds.
After a 250+ person first show, Nexes was given the chance to play with Columbia recording artists; Memento. After a great showing there, the band has become a frequent staple at local venues such as The Reverb in Cedar Falls, Gabes in Iowa City, and Nexus in Cedar Rapids; to name a few. Just like the people who follow Nexes, the gigs keep on coming because of a stage show that draws everyone in, combined with some of the areas top songs.
Many Nexes bootleged demos have surfaced around Northeast Iowa, but the bands first full length cd, "Life @ the Bend," is in the midst of production. Just like they have in the past; Nexes will continue to take listeners on a rollarcoaster of sound and words with the new disc; as it will feature everything from the heavy songs about independance to softer tracks about reliance and loss.
After taking the gig scene slow for the first 3 months of 2004, to record and learn new material, Nexes is ready to return to the stage more and spread their new material, message, and energy to the masses. There is so much energy in every Nexes song that it prompted one reviewer to say, "You guys must jump around alot during this song." Along with potent energy comes depth and difference in writing; making a lethal combination. With that being said, you can never expect to hear two songs remotely the same, nor can you expect to leave a Nexes show dissapointed.