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Dr. Awkward

El Cajon, California, United States | SELF

El Cajon, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Comedy


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review: Dr. Awkward – UNLIMITED"

Last week I got my hands on Dr. Awkward’s follow-up album UNLIMITED, and was met with not only an album that is as good as the first, but more versatile in content. - The Drunken Scholar

"Dr. Awkward is Unlimited"

is first album, the “Next Gen” EP, astounded us in early 2009. One track in particular, “Geekuilibrium”, has been referred to (at least by us) as the 2009 Geek Anthem. Doc Awk, a Cali rapper, has a fun, entertaining presence both on stage and through his music. It was no surprise how many fans were in wait for his full-length album “Unlimited” - Geek Peek Post

"Reviews: Next-Gen Nerdcore From Krondor Krew, Dr. Awkward"

Dr. Awkward croons like John Legend at times; at others, he bounces off rhymes like Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. There aren’t many hiccups on the album as far as the lyrics; the R&B lyrical influences are noticeable in that regard. Dr. Awkward also makes no qualms about his genre of music, as evidenced in the party track, “DualShAWKs”: “They say I’m nerdcore / Like I give a fuck about a name / When it’s just another word for / The same thing they’ve called me for years / For a group who refused to be pressured by their peers / We live our life by our own accord / And hope one day we can hone the force.” - Wired Magazine

"Dr. Awkward - Unlimited"

Doc Awk is back! Since his huge hit, “Next Gen“, this man has been on a Nerdcore rocket ship that continues flying towards the stars. His name is continuing to spread through out the Nerdcore community and his fan base gets bigger and bigger. Signing on with Scrub Club Records, multiple collabs, shows, etc, this rapper is making his mark! And now it’s here, the album we’ve all been anticipating! “Unlimited” is a new shot for all his patients. It’ll kick your music taste into shape with his hot tracks that talk on women, gaming, women, kung fu (and how it’s better than yours), gaming, and more women! - Game Music 4 All

"Next Gen Review"

"Dr. Awkward’s "Next Gen" EP is one of the most promising indicators that Nerdcore Hip Hop is growing up and destined to go places. Awkward has his delivery down and he succeeds at giving us a great Hip Hop release without sacrificing his geek identity, as documented in the introspective "Geekquilibrium" and displayed in the brutally nerdy track, "Clan War."
He also killed it at Nerdapalooza ‘09, showing up his labelmates during the Scrub Club set and coming close to straight-out stealing the show. Dr. Awkward is working on new material now, and as far as I’m concerned, the new release can’t get here fast enough." - Nerd Lust

"Next Gen by Dr. Awkward"

"There’s nothing clumsy about "Next Gen" by Dr. Awkward. Doc Awk delivers a tight flow that is sure to appeal to a wide audience – even those who don’t consider themselves nerds. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Dr. Awkward demonstrates his skill at crafting lyrics and beats. - Talk with Tim

"Nerdcore Corner: Dr. Awkward"

"I saved (What I think at least) the best for last. Dr. Awkward is one of those artists that makes Nerdcore a legitimate subgenre of hip-hop. When I first hit play on his album Next Gen, I instantly started bobbing my head. If early Eminem and MC Chris did a Fusion Dance, Dr. Awkward would be the super powered result. (How you like that DBZ metaphor worked into my review? Nailed it!)
With tracks like "Next Gen" and "Geekuilibrium," Dr. Awkward not only does geeks proud of their humble origins, but makes us look GOOD in all of our Geek Glory.
Score: 5 pints"
- The Drunken Scholar


Solo Works:

Next Gen EP - 2009
Unlimited LP - 2010
This is Not a Cover EP - 2011
The Expansion Pack - 2011


w/MC Frontalot:
I'll Form the Head - Solved LP (2011)

w/ ZeaLouS1:
Awake - Rise LP(2011)
Next Gen 2.0 - Rise LP(2011)
Tilt - Rise LP(2011)
Rise - Rise LP(2011)
Monster Suit - Rise LP(2011)
Fire - Rise LP(2011)
Warp Zone - Rise LP(2011)

w/ The Bossfights:
All Tracks - The Bossfights LP (2011)

w/ MegaRan:
Classroom Blues - Teacher Rapper Hero 2 (2011)

USA #1 Skyscraper - Gang Plank (2011)
Dank - POWERLIFTER EP (2012)

w DJ RoboRob:
Resurrection Dubstep - EP (2011)



Dr. Awkward (Josh Watson) has been a Nerd Hip Hop recording artist since 2009. Doc was born and raised in San Diego, and because of this, much of his music is influenced by mainstream and underground West Coast Hip Hop.

In early 2009, Dr. Awkward released his first solo project “Next Gen,” in which Doc proclaims that he is the future of Hip Hop. The EP was hailed as an instant classic, with such hits as “Geekquilibrium” and “Impostor.”

Since his live act at Nerdapalooza 2009, Doc has performed at after parties for large events such as Florida’s Nerd Invasion, San Diego’s ComicCon,Texas’ Comicpalooza, Animinneapolis and Indianaplois' GenCon. He has shared bills with MC Frontalot, MC Lars, MC Chris, Shinobi Ninja, The Protomen, Adam WarRock, ZeaLouS1, YTCracker, and MegaRan.

In April 2010, one year after Next Gen, Dr. Awkward finished and released his first full length album called “Unlimited.” The album was titled as such to convey Doc’s unlimited potential and ability. This album features an amazing fusion of Nerdy Rhymes, Next Gen Hip Hop, and R&B.

After his huge first LP, Doc released his remix project "This is not a Cover", in which he took popular radio songs and added his signature nerdy twist.

In Summer 2011, Dr. Awkward embarked on a nationwide tour spanning the entirety of the United States. He was accompanied by POWERLIFTER among others.

October 2011, Dr. Awkward further pushed the boundaries of his genre when he released his new mixtape "The Expansion Pack" in which he fused his brand of Nerd Hip Hop with Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Electro House.

Dr. Awkward is back in the studio working on a new album which will release early March 2012. He is also working on an ongoing mixtape based on the DC Comics franchises. He will be touring the country once more in early 2012.