Next Generation

Next Generation

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I believe Next Generation is something HOT, RAW., young, fresh, talented, crowd pumpa, never disappoints. You’ve never seen anything like it. Lucious-old soul, young beat. Miata-straight street, female MC, lyrical genius.


The new year brings new things. One of those new things is Next Generation. We hail from Valdosta, Ga. The music mixes R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Rap. Many local fans has told us we have the potential to do something.

Miata plays the lyrical MC of the group, writing many of the lyrics. Lucious is the soulful upbeat vocalist. He also is playing the manager right now. We are a solo project of Da Gutta Boy Crew, also known as GBC. We try to do free local community shows, trying to put ourselves out there,

Next Generation is on its way. We are currently working on getting some out of town and out of state gigs. We will not stop until we make it. Their “father” group; GBC is quote “very proud” of what Next Generation has become over the past two years. We are the it Hip-Hop combo.


Declaration of Miata(2005 Q2)
Try Something New(2005 Q4)

None of our tracks get radio airplay.

Set List

Dance(upbeat RnB)
Dang It Man(Hardcore Rap)
Lemme show ya(Hip-Hop)

About a fifteen minute show!!