Next Haven

Next Haven


Instrumental orchestration with drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and various electronics spiced with samples and poetry. Inspired from the jazz lunatics and the classical nerds.


Four friends in high school met and formed a group to push music their own way. Starting out as strictly instrumental, they stood aside from the ska and metal bands from their high school for odd meters and detailed soundscapes. Upon graduation, Caleb went to study both Music Education and Classical Guitar Performance at RIC, Steve joined Caleb at RIC studying Music Education, Sarah went to SUNY Purchase for Music Composition, while Chris is at UMass Lowell studying Sound Recording Technology. 6 years after forming, Next Haven continues to push their own musical abilities by continuing to record, write, and perform their own style of rock music. With one tour, one self produced CD, and a few EPs, they rely on their DIY backgrounds to keep the artistic energy going.


Death March 2021

Written By: Chris Gilroy

The setting sun hugs the horizon, throwing vibrant yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds into the sky. We gaze on, knowing it could well be our last as the receding daylight drags in the night. Sitting restlessly, we wait for the encroaching battle.

We promised our fore fathers and mothers that we would stop at nothing to achieve our dreams, to never ever accept anything short of our desires. And thus we banned together, in groups of 3 or 4, preparing our selves for the struggle.

So we sit, on the eve of battle, watching the sun retire. Our hearts fill with hope, for when the morning comes, we begin our action. The time has come for us to take our lives into our own hands, and write our own story.

Let our tale begin with this, our first chapter. Let our song carry on for all ears to hear. Let our noble triumphs live on, in our own history books. Let our hearts never give out, and the beating pulse of them carry us on to victory.


Next Haven Demo (EP) 2002
Dreem (LP) 2003
Polar Czech (EP) 2006
Old Rusty (single) 2007

Set List

Sets range from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the time available.
*As We, With the River
*Old Rusty
*Polars of Summer and Winter
*Death March 2021
*To You Wherever
*Last Horah of Richard Simmons
*Big Bunny
*Hate in Sign Language