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NextPage, the rock quintet out of Knoxville then stormed onto the stage like a mustang stampede, in support of their new video “Roulette”. With James Kirtley’s low and powerful vocal delivery holding court like a king onstage, Tim Jones’ lead guitar work showed electric, eclectic power on stratospheric flights, while Scott Glover’s Warwick bass held down the deep end with a woody boom and Chris Miracles drums and deep snare beat cemented the tempo, augmented by Jeremy Powers stumpgrinding BC Rich rhythm guitar. Turning in tunes like “American Nightmare”, about reality television, the band had its songwriting on full display.

- The Seymour Times

I love when I get an invite to listen to music from a new band, I love it even more when the music's rockin, and as a writer I'm in pure heaven when you add a powerful story connected together through music that each and everyone of us can identify with, in this case, the choices we make in our life. The band is Nextpage the cd is called "Delicate Pain" and the new video they have out is "Roulette" The band from Knoxville Tennessee is James Kirtley-vocals, Tim Jones-lead guitar, Jeremy Powers- rhythm guitar, Scott Glover- Bass, Chris Miracle-drums. On a recent hot day in Hollywood I met up with Tim Jones and Nextpage Street team leader Marcie at the Sunset Strip Tattoo parlor where Marcie was getting her first tattoo. As Marcie got prepared, Tim and I talked about the band, the cd and the video and from Tennessee James shared his thoughts on the band and their music.

MUEN: How did you guys get together?

Tim: Around October 2006 we got together, we didn't know each other whatsoever, we're from east Tennessee all of us. Most of us met through the internet,, that was how me and James met. He had already interviewed numerous guitarist, he had next page developed 7 yrs ago, I came into the band 2 years ago, Jeremy, James and I were the crux of the band, Scott and Chris came later on. Me James and Jeremy wrote most of the music together,.

James: The concept of the Band and delicate pain kinda walked hand in hand. I really needed to get some stuff out of me. I found I was able to see and feel everything in a different way through music. I didn't know why or how much until I started doing it.

MUEN: Were you in any other band before this?

Tim: I'm a nurse practitioner, been doing that for the past 10 years, but I've always wanted to do music as my main profession, music is my life. I have been preparing for this the whole time. we got together in Oct and I don't think ant of us realized what we had going into the project but it was almost divine, all three of us came together, we had similar interest and goals and musical interest despite the fact our ages range from 19 to in our 30s. We started writing the 17 songs that came out as delicate pain.
We had numerous songs, around 30 that we had written together and brought into the studio, 17 songs that came out on the cd.

James: When I first met Tim and Jeremy it really solidified what I was doing. The things they had experienced in life and how they felt about music gave us a connection I never felt before.

MUEN: So, is it the three of you James Jeremy and yourself that do the writing and how does that work

Tim: James, Jeremy and I wrote most of the songs on the cd. Scott is our bass player, he came in a bit later into the picture, but he has become a tremendous songwriter, with a lot of experience in the songwriting process. He wasn't that involved in the first cd, but he has had a lot to offer in our 2 nd cd. Jeremy is the major rift writer, James comes up with the lyrics and most of the melody lines, me and Scott tend to be the closers, we have the musical theory and background along with combined 20 +years of musical experience . Jeremy will come with a basic rift or rhythm and it will be very crude but a tremendous piece, and me and Scott tend to take it from there and compose it to something to the next level.

James: I feel we were able to take the album further with our combined experiences and outlook on the material. Even though I had really set the foundation for what I wanted for "Delicate Pain" The real writing for the album did not take place until I met these guys. Then hell and carnage began…

MUEN: What are you musical influences?

Tim: For me its mainly Metallica ACDC, Randy Rhodes Ozzy Osbourne. Growing up I got the music books for ACDC, Randy Rhodes and Metallica. I knew all there songs and I really studied how they composed things together, Scott our bass player, he started out as a guitar player, but he ended up with bass for numerous years but his main influence is Led Zeppelin which I grew up on as well, my brother introduced me to Kiss, ACDC and Led Zeppelin. With ACDC being the main influence in my life I would have to say ACDC is the main influence period in my life.

MUEN: Your music caught my attention right away, I always like to see a band live, unfortunately I haven't seen you play live YET. So What kind of a rapport am I going to see with you guys on stage?

Tim: We each have had our own individual time in the past on stage but together we are new. Today before I came here I was listening to some videos, some cheap camcorder video of us playing at our last show and we're really hooking up, Jeremy, he's got a tremendous sense of rhythm which I don't have. I'm lead guitar player, but rhythm is for him he's got the rhythm sense that I just don't have, I could play lead, all lead you want and visa versa, but we're really hooking up so I feel very comfortable with these guys on stage. I think - MUEN Magazine


Delicate Pain



NextPage is a "Hard-Rock" band based in Knoxville,Tennessee! Many years of past influences have driven and motivated these guys to come together and create a unique hard hitting & melodic sound. Within a short period of time,the band has captured the attention of a large number of listeners and as time goes by that number has continued to grow. Personal experiences and in depth storytelling is what NextPage has depended on to create the energy that makes the band what it is! The intention of this band is to prove that music in it's entirety is expansive and epic as ever! NextPage is certainly a band to look out for in the future and with the release of their debut album "Delicate Pain",the band plans on proving just that!!!