Next Stop Earth

Next Stop Earth


clever blend of the past and present. catchy hooks woven over aggressive, melodic music. the band has technical chops but never overindulge, as the song is most important. in today's musical landscape, next stop earth grabs and holds onto the attention of the listener.


The group Next Stop Earth have traveled a long road. Consisting of four musicians that are all lifelong friends and all come from an original and/ or cover background, one might say that the group has definitely, in cliché form, “paid it’s dues”. The group’s line-up is Craig Edginton/vocals, Larry Campanella/guitars, Jeff Scott Thomas/bass and Jimmy Sholl/drums.

More recently, the band has just completed a sophomore effort of their first, full length cd which has created a little buzz in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. "Are You Getting Off?" has a taste of versatility, from grinding, hard driving songs to a progressive styling showing the embodiment of the band’s musical prowess. Next Stop Earth have been attacking all forms of radio airwaves and are currently performing at numerous venues throughout the tri-state area.

Next Stop Earth can be reached via the internet at The bands cds is also available at


"Nothing Is Real"

Written By: Next Stop Earth

Innocence, we are born
A story told, not really too sure
What is real? Can you tell?
Day by day coming out of our shell
I know I’m sure the sun will set
I know this day will end

Sometimes, sometimes it’s like
Sometimes it’s like nothing is real
In time, in time you’ll see
In time you’ll see there’s nothing for me.

A fairy tale, we are sold
Innocence never grows old
Don’t ask why, not up to me
I’ve been told you just gotta believe
I know I’m sure the night will come
As sure as there’s a sun


One self-titled, 4 song "EP". Song titles are "Set Me Free", "Suicide", "Over&Over", and "Nothing Is Real". Currently in rotation on various internet radio stations as well as Philly's 94WYSP "Loud-N-Local, Sunday nights at 10pm. "Are You Getting Off?" features 8 new songs and new versions of the 4 songs from the 1st cd. The new song titles are "Sunshine", "Disease", "Believe", "Taste The Flesh", "Change Tomorrow", "Lost All Control", "Inside Me", and "Box Of Candles". The music from both cds can be sampled at our website or at
The band is currently in pre-production for our third effort slated for early Winter of 2007

Set List

(All originals)
Over & Over
Change Tomorrow
Inside Me
Set Me Free
Box Of Candles
Nothing Is Real
Taste The Flesh
Lost All Control

New songs are as follows:
Sunless Sky
Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Comin' Down
Blame The Angels