Next Sunday

Next Sunday


A unique fusion of jam-band and alternative rock that has topped charts, filled rooms, and left fans asking for more everywhere they go.


Rarely can a band come from different schools of music, surroundings, and influence to create a sound that brings everything together in a way that breaks boundaries yet leaves the listener feeling comfortable and in a familiar place. Next Sunday is such a band - a brilliant combination of alt-rock ad jam band.

Their premier release, "North Meets South" (209 Records), was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. Within 5 days of going on sale, it was the #4 best-seller through distributor Aware Records' AwareStore (whose sales roster includes such acts as Marc Broussard, John Mayer, and Nickel Creek). "North Meets South" continues to find brisk sales both online and in retail stores.

In Summer 2006, following the departure of their long-time bassist and lead singer, the band entered the studio with Nashville, TN-based keyboardist and songwriter Jason Walker to record the follow-up to North Meets South. This was a departure from the band's previously mostly instrumental offerings, blending their style of jam-rock with piano-driven songs with exceptionally strong vocals and harmonies.

Next Sunday is a touring machine, and their commitment to excellence shows through best in live performance. The band has headlined some of the best venues in markets such as Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans, and appeared with such artists as Dave Matthews Band, The Rebirth Brass Band, Galactic, and Widespread Panic; their success abroad has prompted an invitation to appear as part of London's famed BBC-sponsored Acoustic Sessions.


North Meets South - (2005) (209 Records) - Available exclusively online at

"Places" single - (2005) (209 Records) - Released to radio stations in March, 2005. Reached acclaim and airplay in many college markets, most notably in southern and midwestern markets.

Set List

Next Sunday creates a new setlist every show based on many factors; the type of venue (festival, club, etc), the previous setlist at the same location, and the "mood" of the venue.

No two shows are the same!

Next Sunday can perform up to 3 sets of an hour/hour and a half a piece.