Next Train to Elsewhere

Next Train to Elsewhere


We are a tight group of musicians from various musical background who strive to create original, heartfelt music and to entertain our listeners as well as connect with us in a very real, emotional manner.


Next Train to Elsewhere had its humble beginnings in the bedroom of original drummer, Seth Morgan with an idea created by guitarist/lead vocalist Matt Greeley-Roberts to create music that we would like to hear. It started with simple riffs and basic melodies and over time evolved with the addition of new members and replacement of older members, all culminating in the current line up of Matt Greeley-Roberts, Steven Fasching, Cody Males, and Devin Stanford. Next Train to Elsewhere prides itself on heavy, smooth rhythms, melodic vocals and unforgetable breakdowns.


Strings of the Puppeteer, Available on CD Baby. For Those Alive, In Post Production.

Set List

Where Are We Now, For Those Alive, Hero Worship, Pinnochio, One Last Tragedy, No Need For Disbelief, Turn the Page and Breathe, Blindness is Underrated