A driven new rock band created as a cure to boredem, Vanagon is all about the live musical experience. Tight instrumental talent coupled with overflowing creativity and controversial and empowering lyrics, the band is bringing back the frenetic stage show that has been on its way to extinction.


[STYLE] - Combine some of the best stuff on the radio today with a touch of hardcore metal riffery, and what do you get? No idea, but it ain't us! Vanagon is all about the in your face pulse that is punk rock, using mellow intricacy as well as uncontrollable mayhem to send the right sonic message when appropriate. A healthy balance between hard rock, punk, grunge, and more mellow funky stuff. Driving twin guitars with big solos and tight riffery. Big drums that keep the adrenaline flowing alongside the fat and often percussive bass workings of Barclay. A dynamic vocal range is appropriate for the large portion of the soft-to-hard spectrum that Vanagon dwells in. Always enjoyable, never predictable.

[INFLUENCES] - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Muse, Nirvana. Fuck I don't know?

[DIFFERENCE] - Energy, originality, story telling ability, and audience love and involvement.



Caulfield Syndrome

Written By: Bradley Hofstede

belle belongs locked up
inmate at the ministry of love
anarchy for you kay? like a black dove
addicted with the afflicted she just can't stop
blue and red veins and lights, she won't drop

she's a glowing stone but the sand is black
no one can hear her
the cards are stacked
plotting collision, stay off the track
implode the concrete jungle
on this girl in black

gold glitter retina, corrupt acceleration
lettuce on the brain when she steps to meditation
lungs feel a final stretch
when a void in the sky
cracks totalitarianism's
big brother's watchful eye
flagship the demise
while her fingers lock, blood shot wide
and she cries, and then cries

she's the scope through the sand that's black
a society with severed ears and missing eyes
regressing daily on the defensive attack
drowning her solution in media pollution
the concrete bubble for this keepsake act

she dreamed of a sky she could reach through flight
ex out the cross feeling the nailbed bite
a kiss with her rats, now ready to expose it
hst bought her coffin and closed it


Caulfield Syndrome (single)
Rim City (single)
Wide variety of covers (just for fun)

More to come soon!

Set List

Purple Haze
Caulfield Syndrome
In Bloom
Sailor Jerry
Fat Lip
Rim City