Power & progressive metal, witch catchy riffs, dynamic rythmic patterns and fantastic vocals.


Nexus was born in 2003 and, after havind a final line-up in 2005, started to work it's way up to the romanian metal scene. Nexus played along with a lot of big names in the metal industry, such as Cynic, Adagio, Crematory or Manowar. In time, the simple power metal elolved to a complex music, challanging the progressive-rock universe, with some goth influences, but always true to the heavy metal roots. Influences may be: Dream Theater, Opeth, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, Savatage, Symphony X. Nexus currently has material for 2 albums.


Nexus has released several EPs: Grin Of Madness, Unbeliever, I. We are currently recording the first album, calles "I" to be released in june 2010. The next album will follow shortly.

Set List

Nexus plays a set between 30 min and 90 min, depending on occasion. We do max 2 covers.