Commercial pop/dance music produced by producers behind Kate Ryan and September. All three members are strong singers and dancers and has an amazing energetic stage show!


NEXX is a Swedish pop/dance trio and consist of Johanna “Jo” Eriksson, Robert Skowronski and Sebastian Zelle. The story of NEXX began already in the end of 2001 when Robert and Sebastian met while auditioning for another pop project. They both got the job and went on tour in 2002/2003. When the job was finished they decided that they wanted to continue working together and so in the end of 2004 they started to write new songs in their studio in Stockholm. Robert has previously been staring in musicals in Sweden and he’s been backing up other artists as dancer and singer. Sebastian is a top DJ in the world of nightclubs in Stockholm. In December 2004 Robert started rehearsals with the world famous ABBA musical MAMMA MIA! in Stockholm where he became very good friend with Johanna "Jo" Eriksson who also was part of the cast. Shortly after the premiere of MAMMA MIA Jo listened their material and asked Robert if she could put her vocals on it. She went into the studio and she basically blew Rob and Seb away. NEXX was born! They went on tour in Sweden, Finland and Latvia. In 2008 NEXX released the hit single "Synchronize Lips" in Poland and Romania which was then followed up by "Paralyzed" and "Bitch Switch". The debut album titled "Synchronize Lips" was released during 2009 in Eastern Europe. NEXX got an Eska Music Award for The International Hit Of The Year 2009 in Poland and The Debut of The Year award in Romania!


•Synchronize Lips (2008)
•Paralyzed (2008)
•Bitch Switch (2009)
•Synchronize Lips – Nordic Release (2009)

Synchronize Lips (2009)

Set List

Our sets are normaly 25-30 minutes in night clubs and 50-60 minutes on festivals.

We do all our singles + songs from the debut album + the Yazoo cover "Don't Go".