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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"You'd be crazy not to be here"

Front Cover photo of Toucanz Tree with the caption "You'd be crazy not to be here" they are that good. - Leader Newspaper Tamworth


They have just completed one album with a top sydney pop producer and also a second album- teen EP by another top producer who scouted them online.

Pop till you drop - by The Popangels (on itunes)
Skywriter - By NEXXT IMAGE (soon to be released)



These girls auditioned for a pop group when they were 5 and 8. They were successful. They are sisters. So it was cool.

Their first (kids/tween pop) album has done stellar in national comps with 6 songs getting into the top 25 in largest natioonal comp in Australia !!

They have changed their name to Nexxt Image and are doing teen pop now. They were called "The Popangels" - but they think it's uncool to do kids music anymore, so they wanted a rebranding.

Josie (14) has been a stellar singer and put into the limelight since she was JUST 4 !! Recently she performed on National China T.V. at a festival opening ceremony. well as performing at other events by invitation usually. For the china T.V. opening ceremony she was given 3 solos to do (like the national anthem).

Tess is soulful toneful and expressive singer for her age. Just great.

They perform at school assemblies, piano concerts, festivals, church, all ages venues.....and wherever they are INVITED..

Both signed a short-term contract with universal music to work on a top 40's project,Josie was 9 Tess 7.

They both go to a Performing Arts highschool in Sydney. Tess is 12 and has just entered this prestigious and selective highschool (by audition). Apparently it is a one of a kind inthe world. Most of Australia's top talent have graduated from there or go there.

Josie is responsible with an inner confidence and a gift of humbleness that earns her the respect of all her peers and teachers. She apparently sets the tone at school, is a great role model. She was top in Australia in ballet when she was 8; winning double first place in the prestigious Macdonald Performing Arts challenge. She was Dux in grade 7 and grade 8 and got the Prinicpals Award at her performing Arts highschool. She is 100% reliable and Ballet has given her lots of self-discipline even though she had to give it up due to injury. She started dancing when she was 2.5 years and asked for a ballet teacher. But she was singing full songs in perfect pitch at age 1.5. She was an early starter. In kindergarten her music teacher discovered she could sing "Saltwater" whilst he was teaching it to the class, so he got her out in front of assembly and accompanied her on guitar whilst she sang "Saltwater" by Julian Lenon. She went to another school in Kindergarten and was yet again discovered and put up on stage.....and so on it has been. She perfroms well under pressure and has perfromed with broken bits and excelled. She is a real trooper.

Tess has been in Josie's shadow as a singer, but is now stepping out and up. She is a late bloomer. She struggles academically, but her teachers say they take their hats of to her for the effort she always puts in. Her teachers have said she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is Miss socialite, popular, outgoing, vivacious and expressive girl. She will melt your heart if you're not careful - she is sincere and expressive. She was scouted as a top Sydney child model when she was nearly out of nappies. She has modelled for David jones and Qantas.....So she is not shy in front of a camera, infact she shines and can always crack a smile. She cut her toe on some glass once on a shoot in a park and still continued with a smile.....she was only 4 or 5. She also leads the other kids on shoots lol in a fun outgoing way.

They are both great natural public speakers, which surprises people beause they r so unassuming. They have both picked up medals for it. Though they don't train for it/do classes etc.

They live in a rainforest setting in Sydney, which though shady and damp at times abounds with wildlife, so they r well grounded by nature. They know what's important...though sure they love fashion and technology too. They have a bit of counterbalance in their lives. Equally at home on the catwalk/stage and in the forest. they are city slickers with a country twist. Their roots go back to the Amazon.Their parents are from modest, even 3rd world backgrounds, so they have learned to be gracious for what they have.
They were in a family group of 4, with their mother and uncle and were starting to make headlines in newspapers and winning a comp on T.V......but have branched out on their own. Which is good for them.

They are not OVERLY excited about the popstar thing, but they are excited, they just love when their new EP comes out and there is progress! They are seasoned but also fresh. It's a great age.