Nezzy Idy

Nezzy Idy


Nezzy Idy uses cutting edge electronics and sound design to create a parallel dimension inhabited by dreams and mythic forms. Lose yourself in the pulse of something strange.


Based in Oakland, California, Nezzy Idy is a memetic vehicle for independent multi-media artist Emit Idy. Fascinated with the spirit world and psychedelic culture, Nezzy Idy strives to summon a new breed of strange, danceable curiosities.

Emit has a bachelor's degree in sound arts and currently works as an engineer at an audio post-production facility in San Francisco, California. His private music studio lives atop a tower, hidden away within the steel walls of the Katabatik Compound.

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Nezzy Idy - Sleeps (2004)
Nezzy Idy - Infusoria (2009)

Set List

We Don't Fight Fair, A Strange Attractor, A Terrible Curse, Dark Matter, Catastrophy, Melting, Sister Scythe, In Oceans, Ambulence Arms

Nezzy Idy is very flexible and often enjoys 45 minute sets. 30 minute and over 1 hour sets are equally welcome.