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Nfamous Prayze is a Christian Rap Ministry put together by the Almighty Hand of God for the purpose of reaching the masses with the Mighty Word of God to encourage hearts, renew minds, and greatest of all...lead dying, helpless souls to the One True Living God.


One freezing cold February night in Fairbanks, Alaska, God brought a few warm-blooded, God-fearing, music loving souls together in one bedroom with one computer, one Casio keyboard, and one roll of toilet paper used to hold one $5.00 computer dictation microphone, and formed the Christian Rap Ministry we called: "Set Apart Ministries", However we have recently changed our name to "Nfamous Prayze".

To date (10 April 07) all of our music is original in nature. As of (29 April 07) Our group has made some changes which has dwindle our group size down to one main rapper (Nfamous Prayze) with occasional guest artists. Both our lyrics and music are inspired by our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We are heavily influenced by the ministries, teaching & leadership of our fathers in the ministry (both past & present). Although we embody the name "Nfamous Prayze", what truly sets us apart from other ministries is our collaborated desire to Praise and Worship Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ through Christian Rap and in our daily walk by using our God-Given gifts and talents as we demonstrate His love to each and all others.


Grace Speaks (Christian Rap)

Written By: MC Prayze (Andrea Julian)

Verse 1

Even, now as I meditate on all the painful trails
That you brought me through, Lord,
I’m so afraid to even think of where I’d be
Without your grace I know it came from you.

Death threats attempted in the womb and up until the helpless age of 3,
The enemy threw it my way in…
Gang Violence, Co2,
Even moms considered terminating pregnancy.

But your grace, although I don’t deserve it,
There’s nothing I could ever do to earn it.
Can’t you see?
This thing just baffles me,
How something so good can be for free,
I need your Grace!

Verse 2

Even, now as I meditate on all the painful trails
That you brought me through, Lord,
I’m so afraid to even think of where I’d be
Without your grace I know it came from you.

Age five I had my first drink
Sorry ya’ll, I gotta tell it

Now I pray that God removes this urge
Every time I have to smell it

Daddy’s girlfriend rolled my first blunt
Then she taught me how to sell it

Fronted like my Daddy’s li’l Girl
He didn’t even know that I dealt it

But then your grace, Yo
It Came along and made me strong
Now I know it was you
Who brought me through

Verse 3

Even, now as I meditate on all the painful trails
That you brought me through, LORD,
I’m so afraid to even THINK of where I’d be
Without your grace; I KNOW it came from you.

I craved affection filled attention
From the opposite sex,
A hopeless pest
That’s what I was
That’s what a true victim does
As They Repress the pain
that their Molesters left

I was taught to use my beauty as a tool,
A hustle game to gnab the treasures
Of a hopeless fool,
My greatest Joy was skippin’ school
A stubborn mule back in the day
I bucked the rules

But your sweet Grace; Lord,
Despite my sin; Even Still
You thought enough of me, to send my way
A hand full of
Bold peers
That took the time, to share your Word one day.

You set me free, so I could see the sacrifice
you made on Calvary
You cleansed my heart so I can face reality
and broke the chains restraining me
through your Grace ;
I got the victory.

Ah Yeah,
soon and Very soon
You removed the blinding
Scales from my eyes
And it was to my surprise
And Now I can clearly see
The more I Praise
The more you’re blessin’ me

Today I stand firm upon your word
And share your gift with those that’s never heard
The wonders of your sweet grace; Lord
I’m longing for the day when I behold your face….
I need your grace!

Verse 4

Now I wanna show you how the Lord is blessing me
You know my oldest son? The one the teachers said had ADD
He’s a junior now in Morehouse College majoring in psychology

My only daughter, She’s a beauty queen
God’s got her power packed with self-esteem
You know what’s kinda scary? She writes her own screenplays
She might blow up just like Tyler Perry

And then my youngest son, right about the age of two,
God revealed his ministry in music, Now he’s learning how to use it
So he can give God the praise where praise is due.

God even blessed me with a Psalms 1 man
He keeps the Lord in his heart and keeps the sword in his hand
He’s a preacher and a teacher in the ministry
I tell ya ya’ll the Lord is really blessing me

Verse 5

So busy struggling and jugglin’ with troubles on the rise
And you don’t know what to do?
God’s grace is so sufficient, If you listen
You will hear right now
His grace is speaking to you

He hears your silent cries

He can deliver you
From sin

You ain’t gotta come in first place
But you run this race just to endure to the end

He’ll send you teachers, pastors and preachers and leaders
In the ministry, Uh
So here’s a shout out to a few that have encouraged my soul
That mean a great deal to me

Pastor James T. Meeks

Pastor Willie J. Freeman

Pastor Walter C. McClendon

Pastor Joe W. Blackburn

God’s goodness and mercy will follow me
All the days of my life
Cuz of you I’m alive
With your help I’ll survive
I will thrive


This opportunity is our first attempt ever to share our music online. We currently have several more musical projects in the making. The few listed are the ones that we have completed thus far.

Set List

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