NGABO is a soul man and self-made electro-acoustician living in Montreal. His hybrid sounds are a conjunction of several genres. Ngabo's musical aesthetics are an offspring of his experimentalist attitude and technological enlightenment - Exaggerating separateness to the point of eccentricity”.


Ngabo's original music is a result of an unconventional creative process with influences like from Radiohead to David Bowie.


NGABO is presently in isolation working on his first bilingual album (English & French) due later this year.

Set List

14 numbers - Approx. 1 hour:
Camarade Dominike, Run, Harness My Fire, Zurich, Melt The Clock, Love in Germ, Vapid Trip, Bleu Eyes, Paranoid Immigrant, Glass And Steel, Them, Aunty Gayle.