Formed in 2009, the Long Island rock outfit has been making waves across the national music scene. Their debut EP earned the band high praise, and with the July release of their debut LP, Alternative Press and has coined them as one of the “Top 100 Bands To Watch Out For in 2013."


Fusing elements of alternative rock with catchy melodies, impressive musicianship, rhodes keyboards, and 90's grunge, NGHBRS has made it their mission to always separate themselves from the pack. Formed in the summer of 2009, the band revolves around a strong work ethic, an intense practice schedule, and a constant fire under their belt. Drummer Jordan Schneider and guitarist Thomas Fleischmann have been playing in bands together for the previous 8 years, when they began to collaborate with vocalist/keyboard player Ian Kenny. Excited and intrigued about their newfound exploration, they moved into a practice space even before writing their first song. The band acquired bass player Eric Vivelo, and wrote and recorded their debut EP Hellomind, which was independently released in the summer of 2010.

The band's infectious sound and theatrical live show just could not be ignored. Hellomind succeeded in putting them on the national radar, earning the band write-ups in The New York Times and Alternative Press Magazine, and main features on sites like and The years following consisted of national tours and opening shows at some of New York City's most renowned venues such as Irving Plaza, Highline Ballroom, and Gramercy Theatre. The band also began headlining shows locally, their fan-base continuously spreading.

The ambitious group really caused a stir when they began creating jazz renditions of their songs, releasing live studio videos showcasing their ability to transform their high energy rock songs into low key lounge versions. "We take a lot pride in being multi-dimensional," says bass player Eric Vivelo. "Yeah, it's important to us that we change things up and keep things fresh," adds drummer Jordan Schneider. The band also performs live as this "alter-ego" from time to time, including their hometown show with Good Old War in July of 2012. This side of the band was also highlighted on their Mixtape, which was released for free in the preceding August. The Mixtape included several jazz versions of songs, some acoustic B-sides, and several live versions of songs, which were recorded at Converse's "Rubber Tracks" Studio. NGHBRS is currently giving away their entire music collection for free on their Bandcamp,

To record their debut album, NGHBRS moved into an abandoned mansion, the former estate of famous American poet and journalist, William Cullen Bryant, on the North Shore of Long Island in the fall of 2012. The estate was later turned into a museum and eventually shut down, leaving behind exhibits and historical pieces still in tact. For over 2 months, the band lived with no Internet, no television, and in a house that was rumored to be haunted. "It was a really strange, inspiring time," says vocalist Ian Kenny. "The whole experience really influenced the outcome of the record." The album was produced and recorded by Bryan Russell and Dan Gluszak, who also did the Hellomind EP. Encouraged by the band's raw energy and unique live performance, the band decided to record the album live. "We just really wanted to capture something special with this record," says Kenny. "It was definitely a challenge, but it I think it really paid off," adds guitarist Tommy Fleischmann.

"This is going to be an important year for us," says Schneider, "We have a lot to prove." When asked what they're hoping to prove, Kenny replies, "That we're not just a one and done type of band. We're always looking to take strides forward." Based on the band’s past success and industrious attitude, it may be safe to assume that they're here to stay.


Hellomind EP (August 2011)
Mixtape (August 2012)
Twenty One Rooms LP (July 2013)