NGM Squad

NGM Squad

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NGM New Generation of Music hailling from Nashville, TN. We make music for everbody, no matter the age color, race. It for the People its Fun Energetic, Positive & Creative. Topics are diverse as anybody that is in the music industry already . We shooting for the sky


NGM was formed in the year 2006 and is a group that Stands for New Generation of Music(Men) hailing for Nashiville(Music City), TN. It first started off as a bunch of friends and cousins not even known for making music but were always known but never had a "Title" to define who they were or were they stood for. During high school years they called themselves "Squalie" and "Gutta Boyz". After seeing Ti's moive "ATL" the entire group which , they once again felt they needed a name to define them. Three members finally came up with the aconymn NGM which stood for Niggas Gettin Money.This name stood because everyone of these young men worked full time jobs and school and the acronumn has changed since. During the year 2008 three members of the group started back making music which consisted of Brandon Jones, Diamond Foxx, & Clinton Lewis. These three with the others members used to play around on the microphone during high school. Feeling like they had real skills they started recording for over the next three years. Brandon Jones was the manager, the leader, promoter, everything else. It was not until late 2010 that Deandre Hambrick took over as the manager for Brandon to concentrate on being just an artist and producer. Since then the group has released their first project titled "Live From the 615" which is basically the telling of where they are from.Their main goal is to make music that expresses them, where they came from, and where they want to go in life. Their topics are diverse which topics includes Party Music, Songs for the Ladies, Real Life suitations, and Motivational. They credit artist such as Tupac, B.I.G, Outkast, Ti, UGK, Dr,Dre, Hot Boy$ and notable others. Their focus is Longevity and staying true to theirselves and family, and not one hit wonders