i am a reggae female artist with a mixture of hip hop and soul di flavor i bring everyone can relate to one of my songs its from da heart and real life experince its new reggae sound reggaehop.


my influences, patra, ladysaw,queenlatifa ,beenieman,sizzler,marcia griffits,bobmarley,jayz,redhotchillypeppers,bountykiller sound is diffren from other reggae cause i
reggae with hiphop and soul i created my own style and flavor so when u heir my music its original



Written By: tamaymcfarlane

oh lord all i need is you in my life too get by. pandi corna pandi corna a pan di ends dem de pandi ends dem wat pandi ends dem de
pandi corna man a sell mariwana padi corna gun shot just a ring so pandi corna bobilon don"t come on ya pandi corna informa cant"t tarry ya are dem boys will wet yo a bet yo pandi corna crack heands a feen ya pandi corna gal a sell dem body ya not a dream yo no hope it seems doow in these street u a fi stay lethal.


air-dem-out,pandi corna,boy be mine,doin it right,roots & ginuess.