New York City, New York, USA

"Nhojj has been delivering high-quality jazzy soul for nearly a decade. A soul pioneer, Nhojj is one of a growing number of “out” Black gay performers releasing both universal and same-sex material." - Soul Sessions, Centric TV


Nhojj has spent more than a decade becoming what some regard as a “soul pioneer”. “I want to help make this world better for everyone… one song at a time.” Nhojj says, a statement that underscores the classic soul tradition of “message in the music”.

More distinctive than his trademark locs or striking features, Nhojj is a songwriter who understands lyricism, a vocalist who projects his voice as an instrument, and an entertainer with a mystical magnetism that has compelled audiences for years. With an essence that is as sweet as it is strong, Nhojj is the self-affirming warrior whose mantra “Live Your Live” is echoed throughout his 7 CDs (5 studio), 13 singles and an Unplugged Live DVD (filmed by Emmy-nominated director Bill Cote).

Nhojj grew up in Guyana and Trinidad, where he performed for the Presidents of both countries. A preacher’s kid, his humility and deep spirituality can be traced back to a 7-year old singing in his father’s church in Georgetown. He was a good student whose musical talent was understated given his natural inclination for it, he completed a BA in Economics at New York University before embarking on a musical career.

Since taking that step Nhojj has shared the stage with such iconic artists as Norah Jones, Regina BelleEstelleTaylor DayneDiana King and Donnie.



Written By: John Martinborough

Music is the song I’m singing
Music is the way I’m giving
Music gives my life the meaning
Music makes my world go round

Music is the healer for me
Music is the love that I need
Music is a friend I turn to
Music understands me


Music is the space I pray in
Music is God blessing me
Music is the place I go to
When the world is stressing me

Music is the sea I swim in
Music waves wash over me
Music is the point I dream of
When I close my eyes to sleep


Music takes me to a world
Where I am happy, I am free
Music is the One I turn to
Music lives inside of me


I've Been Waiting for you - 2001
Someday Peace Love & Freedom - 2003
An Intimate Evening with Nhojj DVD - 2004
John Martinborough Coming home - 2005
Soul Comfort - 2008
Love Songs - 2009
Love Is Love - 2013
Made To Love Him:  Celebrating Love - 2014

Set List

30 min to hour long sets.