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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Nashville, TN
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Electronic Progressive




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Generally information about my start and continuation. - Pulse Radio Houston

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"The girl with a gypsy soul - Ni’ela Rocks!"

Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we go all the way to Houston, Texas, to visit the girl with a gypsy soul - Ni’ela Rocks!

Ni’ela is a DJ/singer-songwriter who loves to travel. She is passionate about her music, and today she is starting her own beverage company. With her free spirit and adventurous nature, one can only imagine how unique her music is! Check out the beautiful and talented Ni’ela Rocks on the dHarmic Evolution podcast!

On this episode:

Learn about the background of her unique name!

Ni’ela shares her songwriting style

This girl with a gypsy soul has always been traveling and jetsetting! How cool is that?

Did you know Ni’ela recorded her first song in second grade! Whaat!

Ni’ela tells us about the book she’s working on - it’s her life story!

She talks about her gigs and her rock band right now

Find out what Ni’ela thinks about the music business

Listen to what she plans for her future in her music career

Ni’ela Rocks songs featured:

Make Me Feel

Angels Need to Fly

Keep on Rockin’


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Twitter: @NielaRocks


Instagram: @nielarocks - James Kevin O’Connor


“About That Life” is an exhilarating summer dance hit, a fruitful collaboration between the Italian Raf Marchesini and the Russian DJ Favorite, featuring the American Niela Rocks, produced under the label of Fashion Music Records in July 2017. The single is arranged and mixed by Raf Marchesini and DJ Favorite at Room 222, Italy, on English lyrics written by Niela Roks. Its Original Mix is still available for purchasing on BeatPort here and Apple Store here as well as on other major digital platforms.

Raf Marchesini is a well-known Italian DJ, music producer and remixer who started his musical career in the early ’90s, which led him to perform both in Italy and around the world. Awarded as the “Best Italian Producer” (2009), Raf Marchesini’s music comes from dance rhythms and his contemporary electronic sounds combined with tribal elements, vocal contributions and unexpected melodies and instruments, is always fresh and focused on the dancefloor mostly.

Raf Marchesini has collaborated with some of the most popular international music producers, DJs and vocals, such as Stefano Lanfranchi, Matteo Camurri, Adam Clay, Max Bragantini, Simone Farina, Fedo Mora, Joanna Rays and many others. As a remixer his works became international hits, such as the remixes made for: Desaparecidos (“Ibiza”, “Fiesta Loca”), R.I.O. (“Like I Love You”), DJ Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers (“Ma Chèrie”), Alexandra Stan (“Cliche”), Lucenzo feat Big Ali (“Vem Dancar Kuduro”), Cristian Marchi (“Disco Strobe”), Loco Tribal (“Kuma Ya”), Electroluv (“Stand Up 2010”), La Moon (“A Higher Place”), Woody Bianchi (“You Got What I Want”), Rudeejay (“The Rhythm Is Magic”), Andrea Paci feat. Michelle Weeks (“Blowing In Me”), 2 Someone (“Love Me”), Jack Floyd (“Move Your Feet 2009”), and many others.

For more information about Raf Marchesini, his musical projects, remixes, videos, events and contact, access his official website , follow his official Facebook page Raf Marchesini and Instagram, rafmarchesini .

DJ Favorite is a top Russian DJ, remixer and music producer, the owner of Fashion Music Records Label, a showman & MC, one of the best mainstream Russian DJs and musicans, a participant of Volvo Fashion Week and Radio Show “Fashion Music”. He produces music styles, such as Big Room House, Club House, Deep House, Disco House, Dutch House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Funky House, House, Nu Disco, Pop Rap, Progressive House, Soulful House, Vocal House and his official releases has been launched under labels such as Warner Music Russia, Housesession Records, S2G Productions, Houselife Records, Club Luxury Records, Dance Paradise, Soyuz etc.

DJ Favorite has collabotated with Chriss Ortega, Tune Brothers, Chris Montana, Ruben Alvarez, ESquire, Jolyon Petch, BK Duke, Raf Marchesini, Dave Ramone and many others and remixed for: Remady, Craig David, Fly Project, Imany, PH Electro, Movetown, Kadebostany, NoNoNo, R.I.O etc.

For further information about DJ Favorite, his musical releases, events and contact access his official website and his account on PromoDJ , follow him on VK DJ Favorite (Remixer / Showman & MC / Official) , his official fan page on Facebook DJ FAVORITE and purchase his music on Apple Store here and BeatPort here .

Ni’Ela Lynnae Etheridge, widely known under her stage name as Ni’Ela Rocks, is an American vocal house Diva, songwriter and artist coming from Apple Valley, CA. She began her music career in Memphis TN and has grown to be among the most sought after musicians in Electronic & Progressive House. Ni’Ela started her musical credits as a singer in a Jazz ensemble band in high school in 2001. Considering herself an always remaining student, Ni’Ela quickly learned more was needed to become the artist she imagined. Having kept working harder and harder, she continued to record and write till her fan base grew larger and larger , impressing the internet scrollers with her vocal skills working with DJs from Austria, Brazil and Russia. Expressed by her ability to learn how to DJ, she began DJ-ing at Zimms, an upscale martini lounge in the happening museum district of Houston Texas in 2013. Being considered an intoxicating inspiration, dripping from a cloud of poetic precipitation, Ni’Ela is currently working with Fashion Music Records, and managing she recently co-founded with Eli Pinto, an Israeli-born EDM/Rock music producer.

For further information about Ni’Ela Rocks, her new musical projects, songs and videos, events and direct contact, follow her official Facebook page Niela Rocks , Instagram nielarocks and MySpace account NIELA . - MUSIC RELOADED music connects people everywhere!



Author Composer Performer of Dance

Music & Rock

About set: Typical set includes a bass guitarist, drummer, DJ, Electric guitarist,
Performs: 30-2hr


Retro - 2018 synth pop wave & bass 100bmp+

Trance Progressive- (128bpm+ Dance, Euphoric, Synth-pop)

Acoustic- (Rythum Guitar & Vocals)

Rock- (blues melodic ,psychedelic) 90-120bmp Synth guitars, Drummer, Dj, 

Chill out- (90- 140bpm Ambient euphoric, electronic music 90-140bpm)

Electro- (128bpm+ Dance, Pop, Electronics)

NOTES: Contact representative Rossano Washington or
Facebook @RocksNiela Join the Conversation 

Has professional works that can be found in this press kit or online. Is available for contractual works exclusive or non exclusive.



NI-Ela Rocks has an astounding musical journey that has many wondering what's next on the heart of a rebel artist. She first launched her musical career as "The Music is My Rebellion," campaign in (2014) influencing art and electronic music in Houston Tx communities. 

After The Music is My Rebellion launch Ni-Ela took a surprising turn when she first appeared at a live concert venue "Stereo Live." Some say her electromagnet stigma filled a room for the burning ravers and edm lovers. It was the very mystery of an outsider that kept the town talking. And then there was "Shades and Masquerades." An idea that Ni-Ela crafted, the first time she struck a match in front of 1230 people. 

The retro synth artist has many vocal drops and mashups that spun into well know singles who's celebrity Djs included; Fredde Le Grand of France at Space Ibiza, and Lykov Moscow Castle Club. After being recognized she quickly became a favorite of Stars of EDM complication and Famous EDM drops. More recently original sounds from "Drifted" (2014), "Keep on Rocking" (2016), and "About that Life" (2018) are gaining popularity. 

After many top tier performances the Retro Babe became syndicated on the world wide web releasing music videos with World Pro and featured on podcast such as "Global World DJs," Fashion Records, and "Pulse Radio." 

Through Much of Ni-Elas' top releases she also began developing dramatic tech progressions under experimental materials of her writing and Djing possibilities. "Modali," her latest persona came to be. Her deeper persona, Modali evokes more experimental soothers such as Retro, Rock and Pop Synth Wave. And though Modali is a new found creation... music has an exploration that seeds endless rebellion.

Now you will find Ni-Ela in Nashville Tennessee developing her band, producing new music, and undergoing commercial applications.

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Through collaborations with international producers and hit makers Ni-Ela Rocks opened further application with commercial entertainment companies. Some of her accomplishments are woven by the music she has currently released on


2018 - released 1 single with MODE 33. A Canadian based vanity label.

As an reinvention of a deeper persona. This experimental sound is said to be her ultra deep tech ego!!  Check out MODALi

Take Me Higher by MODALi

2017 - 2018 -  Ni'Ela Rocks is undergoing review for commercial application. “The American Vocal House Diva," by Fashion Music Records (Moscow) recently published "About the Life" summer 2018, featuring producers Raf Marchesini from Italy and remixed by Future House DJ Lkov and Electro House by Kharatinov.  

2014- 2015 - Emerging companies such as Lux Music, Revenge, Favorite International, House Recordings and more spiraled into Ibiza night clubs such as; Space and Amensia spun by famous french DJ Fredd Lee Grand.

2014-2016 - Other singles were brewing in Moscow, and took shape among other popular sites such as Spotify,  iTunes "Fashion Music" radio podcast & “D-Evolution Podcast” "Global World Dj Broadcast." "Drifted," with Mainstream Bitch 2014. "Keep on Rocking," with Dj/Entrepreneur "Fashion Music Records" Dimity Kolv (Dj Favorite) 2015.

2013 - Her, first single in 2013 "Quake" with Dj Seed Brazil earned her a spot on Dj Beatport and 17, 000 hits on SoundCloud in the first week. Other country producers, Amperes, a Dj group from Vienna, Austria took the wheel remixing yet another release passing the "Earthquake" paton to Mexico for a dub-step remix by Asai & Kidnas.