New York City, New York, USA
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Starfawn is a collaboration between Producer Misha Mross and Vocalist Amber Schaefer that began in early 2011. The two met Starfawn is a collaboration between Producer Misha Mross, Vocalist Amber Schaefer and Bassist Niabi Caldwell that began in early 2011. They met through mutual friends and connected over a shared love for synthesizers and electronic music. Misha Mross currently lives in Brattleboro Vermont and splits his time between his day job as an electro-optical engineer, writing music,


“Appearances of calm are only the first moments of attraction for Niabi. A trip, yes, but towards happiness. A description of the first kiss, Well-being, Of discovery. It’s too good. Too much.”
- from the French music blog Mets-toi à la page

Niabi is the music of Niabi Caldwell.
Inspired by shoegaze and ambient artists like Slowdive and Brian Eno, as well as female synth icons Delia Derbyshire, Trish Keenan and Dorit Chrysler, Niabi creates a kind of forest-dwelling dreampop that could share space with M83 and Bat for Lashes.

Niabi’s debut EP, Forest Fires, is composed of out-of body experiences that ebb and flow while bathing the listener in a hazy, diffuse light. It is a spiritual dismantling of the hardwired, urban vista, with each song plucking another part of the city by its foundation and casting it into the sea.

Niabi live in Brooklyn, NY, and loves of cats, Twin Peaks and Tumblr.


Forest Fires EP (2011)